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Jessica Simpson Hair Cut Hoax

Jessica Simpson Hair Cut Hoax

Jessica Simpson thinks it's funny that fans and the media believed she had really chopped off her luscious long tresses for a new, shorter hair cut.

The singer posted an online photo of herself sitting on a plane wearing a wig.  The much shorter hairstyle fooled some of her fans into thinking she'd undergone a radical hair make-over.

The beautiful blonde singer said "It's so funny to me, everybody thought that I actually cut my hair."

"If they actually read the words with the tweets, [they would know] I didn't. It was a hair 'do piece that  I was working on." The 29-year-old blonde said.

"The fact that if I cut my hair it would be news is kind of nuts to me," Simpson told Access Hollywood. "I think that it should be about what a woman is doing in her life."

Jessica this week also hit back at claims she wore make-up during her "natural" photo shoot for Marie Claire magazine, insisting she wasn't wearing any.

It seems that when it comes to Jessica Simpson there are always rumors about her hair, her make-up, her fashions, her weight and even her men.  She seems to attract constant attention from the media for just about everything she does in her life.

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