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Jennifer Love Hewitt Dishes On Jamie Kennedy

Wearing a slinky little black dress with her chocolate brown hair worn with lots of volume and a soft perimeter flip, the "Ghost Whisperer" dished with Bonnie Hunt about her new dating book, her relationship with ex Jamie Kennedy and ghosts.

(Image of Jennifer Love Hewitt - CBS - Ghost Whisperer - All Rights Reserved)

She told Bonnie her "first date was at age 14 with Fred Savage" and they went to "a comedy club".

Pet Pig Ruined First Date

It was their first and last date?  Why? "A pet pig".  Jennifer explained she and her mom had "a pet pig.  One of those pot bellied pig".

Jennifer said "he saw the pet pig and said 'it's been awesome, bye' and ran off" never to be seen again.  Jennifer said "she ran into him a few years ago and he gave her the weird pig look."

Jennifer said that at age 14 she "thought it was the pig" that ruined her potential relationship with Fred.

Going Back To The Show After Ending Relationship With Jamie Kennedy

Bonnie asked Jennifer Love what it was like going back to the show (Ghost Whisperer) after breaking up with Jamie.

Jennifer seemed to be put on the spot but was gracious and said "it's fine.  It's not your first choice but it's, you know, it's OK.  It's good.  We've been fine.  Yeah."  She smiled shook her head and then moved onto the next topic with Bonnie.

Maybe Jennifer Love is fine because she's already reportedly dating a new guy she met on set.  Her new love?  Supposedly Jennifer is now dating Jenny McCarthy's ex, John Asher.

Really?  I always hoped Jennifer would wind up with her on-screen husband Jim (David Conrad).  But maybe not.

Regardless, rumors are spreading that CBS may cancel "Ghost Whisperer" and "Medium" at the end of the season.  Let's hope not, both shows are my favorites for Friday nights.

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