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Formaldehyde Free Beauty Sleep?

Studies have shown that the average person spends 25 years of their lives snuggled into their sheets.  However, there may be a hidden danger embedded in the threads of your bed clothes.

What is that danger?  Formaldehyde.

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Health experts have revealed that manufacturers who advertise "permanent press" or "no iron" on their linens use formaldehyde to keep the sheets wrinkle free.  Formaldehyde has been linked to insomnia, headaches and in some rare cases even cancer.

The good news?  Over time with regular washing any anti-wrinkle chemicals such as formaldehyde or similar will wash out completely.

If you suspect that no-wrinkle chemicals are causing your headaches, skin rashes or other problems, make it a point to shop for chemical free sheets and lines.  The best linens?  Organic cotten, cotton jersey, lines, bamboo or flannel sheets.  They are never treated with formaldehyde.

Bamboo towels and sheets have come a long way reaching new levels of softness over the past few years.

Ultimately for safe slumber read all labels on linens, pillows, mattress covers and similar.  Make your bedroom as free of chemicals as possible

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