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This Blog Is Not Just About Hair!

Yes, it's true I have spent the last 25 years consumed with all aspects of hair.

Although my original college studies were not in the hair, beauty or fashion worlds,  I've gone to two different wonderful cosmetology colleges here in Dallas, received a license to do hair and continued to take ongoing hair classes, both for certification and to continue advancing my hair and beauty education.

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Someone recently commented that this blog was only about hair.  Actually that's not true at all.  If you visit on a regular basis you already know that.

While the site has literally thousands of articles specifically about hair, hair loss, hair styling, hair trends, this blog is not specifically limited to hair. 

Yes, there will be some hair topics along with beauty, fashion, celebrity news, TV, reality stars, movie scoops, celebrity gossip, politics and even some world events.  Pretty much a mish mash of information that grabs my ADD fueled fantasies.  I've even started blogging about my own personal journey towards better health through the food I eat.

Of course I will express my opinion, because after all it's my blog and I get to say what I think. Lets hope so for as many blogs as I've written over the past years.

As a general rule I'm a positive and upbeat person.  I think my team members would back me up on that personal assessment.  As a result, I tend to blog from that inner place.   That doesn't mean I won't have negative things to say at times, if that's my true feelings.  But as a rule, I tend to look at things positively and with a sense of humor but like everyone, I do have my own opinions.

My Blogging Beginnings

I actually started blogging for celebrity photographer site when they had a variety of different blogs.  The blog was called Hollywood and Mane and covered celebrity hair, beauty, fashion, news and gossip.  I even included some random metaphysical topics since I've spent many years studying astrology and Feng Shui.

When decided to stop including blogs on their site, I brought Hollywood and Mane (which was my own blog) back to  After months of being dedicated to Hollywood and Mane I didn't want to see my blog die a quiet death.

Over the past five years I have blogged about similar topics to what I included for  But I've also expanded my topic reach as my own interests have grown and expanded.

If you only want to read about serious hair and beauty topics you may want to go hang out on the main site and check out the thousands of Tips, columns, forums, articles, news and close to 30,000 hair related images.

Hair, Beauty And Other Pot Luck

If you want to take pot luck on a more diverse grouping of hair, beauty, fashion and a wide range of topics, this is the place to check out the happenings.

Ultimately,  I write this blog to push myself and travel my ongoing journey of self discovery.  It's amazing how being committed to writing this blog has helped me be a better human being.  I can confess it's been very cathartic.  In real life I'm a classic chatterbox, which says a lot about the long length of lots of my blogs.

Blogging, whether you do it for yourself or for others, is a lot of work and to do it on a daily basis does take a lot of personal commitment. Most of the time I feel like I'm talking to myself and no one is reading what I say, but then I receive so many wonderful comments emails and tweets about the blog I know people are stopping by.

Whether you love him, hate him or just don't care, Perez Hilton has my respect for the years he spent blogging every single day.  I can't imagine how much time he's spent at his computer, especially in the early years.

In the meantime, I'm going to continue to blog for me, for our wonderful visitors and as a way to appreciate all the beauty and the diversity in the world.

In case you're a fan of this blog, thank you for visiting, for reading and for all your comments.  I appreciate your feedback very much.  If you have topics you would like me to cover, I would be very happy to hear your thoughts.

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