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Shear Genius 3 Episode 8 Detailed Recap Short Cut Challenge

Episode 8 With Final Four Shear Genius 3 Competitors

Episode 8 titled "The Higher The Hair, The Closer To God" started with the four stylists, Janine, Matthew, Jon and Brig entering the Nexxus Salon.

Brig said to the camera "I did not think I would make it this far.  I was just hoping to make it past the first week.  And now I actually have a chance to win this."

(Shear Genius 3 - Episode 8 - Four Finalists - LR Janine, Matthew, Brig and Jon - Bravo/TV - Photo by Ray Mickshaw - All Rights Reserved)

Jon said "it's completely different. Our models are standing there in front of us and then there's this huge black tarp.  Dun, dun, dunnnnnn."

Janine's Work From Last Challenge Added To Allure Wall Of Fame

Camila told Janine that since she won the Elimination Challenge last week her work would be featured on the Allure Wall.  Janine told the camera as she looked at the new photo "this is actually hair I would have done for the Red Carpet.  I couldn't happier."

Indeed, Janine's work from last week was eye popping, mouth dropping gorgeous.  Stunning.  She deserved to win and she deserved to have her work displayed.  Yeah for Janine.

Guest Judge - Mark Townsend

Camila introduced Mark Townsend, the celebrity guest judge.  She said "Mark has styled some of Hollywood's leading ladies such as Cate Blanchett, Natalie Portman and Reese Witherspoon."  I've always liked Mark.  He has such a great eye for great hair.

Camila, wearing yet another different hairstyle pulled back into a sleek version of a French twist, told the four finalists "at this point in the contest you've pretty much in control of your own destiny...but today....."  Brig said "what's going on?"

(Guest Celebrity Judge Mark Townsend and Host Camila Alves - Bravo/TV - Shear Genius 3 - Episode 8 - Short Cuts Challenge - Destiny - All Rights Reserved)

Short Cut Challenge

The big black tarp was removed to show a large black board with three outlined in red categories Tools (sponge rollers, curling iron, flat iron, crimping iron) Technique (bangs, finger waves, mullet, braids) and Inspiration (rainbow, Eiffel Tower, the beach, disco ball).

Camila said "you must incorporate one of the elements into the three styles you create."

The four had to select a scissor box to determine the order to pick from the board.

Jon's Snags Scissor Box #1

Jon yelled "snap" when he opened his box and had #1.  Jon said "ding" to Brig who asked if he got #1.  Jon said to the camera "yes, Matthew and Janine didn't get it.

(Image of Stylists With Their Models BEFORE Short Cut Challenge - LF Jon with his model, Brig with her long haired model, Janine, with her model and Matthew plus his model - Shear Genius 3 - Bravo/TV -Ray Mickshaw - All Rights Reserved)

They get upset when they're not #1 and #2."  The four lined up and had to chose a model, styling tool, technique and inspiration."

To add to the challenge, the four each chose the four criteria for the person standing to their left.  Janine said "crap".

Jon Chooses For Brig - Gives Her Great Combo

Jon got to choose for Brig.  He chose the first model (they were all brunettes), sponge rollers, finger waves and "since we're going down that road I'll give her Paris."

Jon said to the camera "I'm not a strategist so I picked what I thought Brig would be good at."

Brig Dumped On Janine With Mullet

Brig got to chose for Janine.  Janine said to the camera "I don't even think Brig knows where Paris is, besides Hilton."

Brig was beaming and winking and picked the middle model for Janine.  She said "I looked to my left and down and Janine is next to me.  And I get to pick for her.  I'm going to be strategic."

(Image of Shear Genius 3 contestant Brig - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

She said to Camila "I'm going to give her the mullet."  To the camera Brig said "you're getting a mullet sweetheart, you're getting the rainbow and you're getting the crimping iron and just bliss yourself into the eighties honey."

Brig Tells Camera Janine Has Fake BS

Janine responded to Brig's picks by saying "wow".  Brig said to the camera "it took every bit of fake phone bullshit only Janine can muster to keep that smile going."  Brig then mocked Janine and said making fun of Janine "it doesn't matter, I can do it."

Brig then rolled her eyes.  She seemed pleased at screwing Janine as much as possible.

Gosh, don't you just want to slap the attitude right out of her?

Janine Picked For Matthew With Great Options

Janine said "I got to pick for Matthew so I basically picked what I thought he would want.  Flat iron, braids, ocean." Matthew smiled at Janine and said "thanks."   Matthew got to choose for Jon but there were really no choices.  Jon had to take what was left which included a curling iron, bangs and a disco ball."

Editor In Chief Of Allure Magazine Linda Wells Is Surprise Guest

Camila said "you'll be judged on how well you incorporate all three elements into your look."  Camila said "because you've made it this far in the competition, we have one more very special guest judge.  Please welcome editor in chief of Allure Magazine, Linda Wells."

(Image LR of Orlando Pita, Camila Alves and EIC Of Allure Magazine, Linda Well - Bravo/TV - Shear Genius 3 - All Rights Reserved)

Matthew said "Allure is definitely the Beauty Bible.  I mean, if you're a hairstylist and you don't read Allure you should be a florist or something."

Linda said "congratulations stylists.  You've come really far and that's a testament to your abilities.  Remember that good taste really matters and you want to make sure these categories don't become a trap."

Short Cut Competition Begins

The Short Cut Competition was only 90 minutes instead of the usual 2 hours.

Matthew explained to his model "what I'm going to do, is braid a front piece so it's going to go like this."  He told the camera I've got "flat iron, braids, ocean.  What I'm going to do is pin in a ton of extensions.  For lots of mermaid-y, think Darryl Hannah in "Splash."

Jon Goes For Afro And Bangs

Jon said "I have curling iron, Disco Ball and bangs."  Jon said to his model "I'm going to give you an Afro, OK?"  His model was excited and said "Yesssss."  Brig told her model "I can touch up your color and make it a lot shinier."  She said to the camera "my inspiration was Paris of course as romantic, soft, confident woman.  Let's take her length up and reveal the beauty that's under this Brady Bunch hair" (her model's hair).

Brig Talks Model Into Cutting Off Her Long Hair

Brig said to her model who had healthy and shiny long hair almost to the middle of her back "I would love to see it (your hair) around your shoulders."

Her model was not thrilled and said to Brig "Oh God, it's just my hair, since it's so heavy, when I have it short, it's so big."  Brig said to the camera "she didn't want to cut all."

(Image of Brig coloring model whose hair she also cut - Shear Genius - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

Brig continued to talk to the model "would you be willing to cut it to here?" She placed her finger a few inches below the shoulder of the model. The model was not thrilled but said "when it's dry it's that long?"

Brig said "you can still pull it back."  The model still seemed reluctant and said "Okkkkkay".  Brig than said to the model "OK, high five.  Good"

Janine Has To Add Rainbow To Crimped Mullet

Janine said to her model "Hi, I'm Janine, I'll be doing your rainbow crimped Mullet."  She said to the camera "little does Brig know, I'm not scared of any of those combos.  So bring it.  Pick on me if you will.  I could care less.  I will school you any day.  I'm going to do a gradient color and basically do small swatches for red to orange, orange to yellow, green to blue and then blue to purple."

Brig Didn't Need To Cut Off Model's Hair

As Brig cut off several inches of her model she gave her a pep talk "What not about our comment today to step into something different. I love how daring you are today."

Janine looked over at Brig cutting off all that beautiful hair  which was not just brushing the shoulders (it had been to the middle of the back and said to the camera "I don't know why she would cut that much hair off.  You can achieve that short look with styling."

Brig's model whose beautiful long hair was just cut off was biting her lip.  You could see the model was upset at having so much hair cut off.  The model was touching her hair to feel it and looked very unhappy.

Linda Wells And Mark Townsend Consulted With The Four Stylists As They Worked

Linda Wells and Mark Townsend walked back into the Nexxus Salon and said "stylists, you have less than an hour to go."

Jon's Ultimate Strategy

Linda and Mark walked around and talked to the four stylists.  Linda asked Jon "what's your strategy?"  Jon said "I'm going to give her a modified Fro, with the bang."  Linda said "a Fro?"

Jon said "an Afro"  Linda nodded her head "ah hah." Jon said to the camera "I've never second guessed myself.  It's enabled my career and everything I have for twenty years.  Why the F*** at 30, I mean 24, would I be doing it now?"  Jon said to Linda and Mark "thanks for your time and see you at the show."

Linda laughed and said "OK, don't worry about us, we're just the judges" as she and Mark walked away. Jon said "you know what?  I'm not."

Matthew's Vision Of A Mermaid In The Sea

Matthew explained to Linda and Mark "I want to be sure to have the face open and not like this, you know what I mean? So I'm going to do like a dropped French braid and kinda cap that comes across her eyebrow and not finish it so it's going to go into the other hair and just massage it a bit when I'm done, you known and give it a nice....."

(Image of SG3 contestant Matthew working on his "Mermaid" for Short Cut Challenge on Episode 8 - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

Then Matthew growled twice to demonstrate.  Linda said "it sounds pretty."

Brig's Ambitious Journey Of Cut, Color, Styling

Brig said "Hiiii to Linda and Mark as they approached as she slattered hair color all over her newly medium length tressed model.  Linda said "how are you?"

Brig told Linda and Mark "we did a drastic cut today."  Mark asked Brig  "how are you going to incorporate sponge rollers?"  Brig replied "you know what?  I haven't really thought of that yet."  Mark said "OK."  Linda "you've got a lot to do."

Brig "basically a ton to do and I'm just going to have to push, push, push."  Linda "good luck, we won't keep you." Brig said to the camera "it was crazy of me to take on a cut, a color and a finger wave.  It's nuts.  But you know what?  It's what I want to do and I'm doing it."

Janine Utilizing POP From HairUWear

Janine was working with her model and said "let's put in those pieces and see if you need more."  She pulled out some POP pieces from HairUWear and said "I grabbed the PutOnPieces by HairUWear hair extensions, crimped it, clipped it in, no problems.  It's awesome."

(Image of Janine with her model - Shear Genius 3 - Episode 8 - All Rights Reserved)

Linda asked Janine "where's the Mullet?  I don't see that."  Mark agreed "because right now all the volume's on top instead of kinda in the back, for a Mullet.

Janine said "yeah" and to the camera she said "damn that Mullet.  But rather than cutting it off, I'm adding more hair to the bottom, giving it more juice.  Uhhh, Mullets, ugh, such a rough world, dirty word."  Janine shrugged and made a face.  Obviously she's not a fan of the Mullet.

Matthew Believed Brig Was F***** Jon Didn't Get Matthew's Look

Matthew said to the camera "we have ten more minutes and Brig's (model's hair) was wet.  She's F***ed."  Brig screamed and said to the model "I'm not freaking out, I'm excited."  Brig said to the camera "this is probably going to look like a flight to Paris, but didn't fully arrive."

Matthew said "I was trying to make the texture rough and like thrown about, like the ocean."   Jon looked at Matthew's model and said "Matthew's looked like she got hit in the head by one of the waves out of the ocean.  I didn't get it at all."

Brig looked at her model who looked very unhappy and said "you look really beautiful."

The Judging Of Shortcuts Challenge

Camila started by saying "for today's challenge you determined the fate of your competitors by choosing three elements for them to incorporate into their hair styles.  Janine went first.

Janine's Mullet Too Sprouty

Linda's comment "I think we kinda lost the Mullet in the sprouty look to it."

Mark said "I just wish there was an emphasis on shaping the back instead of on the top. Cause I feel like a mullet, what's the saying?  It's business in the front and party in the back.  I think there's a really good party going on on top you know.  And in the back, just not quite, been let into the party yet."

(Image of Janine's Model After Challenge - Shear Genius 3 - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

Mark Loved Matthew's Use Of Extensions

Mark loved Matthew's look.  You put the extensions in, they blend perfectly.   That's really really beautifully done."  Linda said "I'm kinda confused by this bang.  It's a little bit matted and it looks a little bit, I don't know, somehow that feels a bit awkward to me but the rest of it is really quite beautiful.

Linda Loved Jon's Version Of An Afro With Bangs

Linda said to Jon "when you said you were going to make it into an Afro I thought 'I have no idea how he's going to do that' and I didn't understand how you were going to incorporate the bangs in that because of those really tight curls plus bangs.  But I really think it's quite beautiful."

(Image of Matthew's Model on Episode 8 - Short Challenge - Shear Genius 3 - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

Mark said "I was the most concerned for you when I saw the technique, the tool and the style that you got, but you've really pulled it off, but the bang gives it a little sense of heaviness and her face is so absolutely gorgeous, I would have liked to see you show off her face a little bit more actually."

Brig's Flight To Paris Didn't Land

When it was Brig's turn Mark said "Paris and finger waves went together so perfectly, kinda like you were given a little gift.  The finger waves I'm not seeing enough and the style I really wanted to see, instead of spending so much time on the cut, you could have just taken all that hair and pinned it up underneath and then let that top layer fall over and then fingerwave that top part."

Brig's Hot Roots

Linda said "at the roots it's really hot (not in a good way) and it's almost pink.  What happened there?"

Brig disagreed and said to Linda "I'm not seeing what you're seeing."  Linda walked over and pointed to the model "this is a little brassy right here see that?"  Brig said "I don't see the line of demarcation."

(Image of Jon's Model After Short Cut Challenge - Shear Genius 3 - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

Janine Amazed And Appalled By Brig's Lack Of Professionalism

Janine seemed amazed and said "I respect both of our guest judges.  I've respected every judge we've had and she has no respect for anyone."

Jon Wins With Curly Afro With Bangs Hairstyle

Linda said "well I think you all had a really difficult challenge, some had a more difficult challenge than others.  Jon, you won the challenge today."  Jon jumped up and down and said "thank you, thank you, thank you."  Linda said "I really liked what you did.  That was a beautiful cut with really fun texture and it created that whole image."

Jon said "to incorporate a straight bang into that kinky curly hair is not the easiest tasks and it was perfect." He said to the camera "I won, so suck it.  Suck it hard."

Brig Is The Loser

Mark announced the loser.  He said "Sorry Brig.  I think you sabotaged yourself taking so much time to perfect that haircut.  It was really about the style today and I think you spent too much time cutting and coloring instead of styling."

(Brig's Model After Short Cut Challenge - Shear Genius 3 - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

Brig said "I chose the cut and color and do everything and I would do it again."  Camila said "even though you lost?  You still?"  Brig "You know what?  I had a wonderful time.  And I'm happy with her hair and she told me she likes it and at the end of the day I'm happy with that."

Janine was shown mouthing some curse words to herself and looking disgusted at her model who appeared to agree.  Matthew looked disgusted.

Linda Wells Tells Stylist Allure Only Works With Those Who Share Multiple Visions

Linda said to Brig "we've worked with hairstylists who've said 'my vision and that's the only way we're going to go and guess what?  We don't work with that hairstylist again."

Brig "I please myself so that's what I feel good about." Camila said "Janine, I couldn't help notice the comments you made on the side.  What were you saying?"

Janine And Brig Disagree About What's Professionalism For Hairstylists

Brig started laughing and rolling her eyes.  Janine said to Camila "it's frustrating, because it is a competition.  And then (she's like) 'ha ha ha, I don't care.  It cheapened it.  It's just annoying cause I do care. And I'm doing business.  And it's not cute, it's not funny.  It's like, just shut up and work."

Brig "I apologize Janine if I'm not as talented as you but I'm doing my best."  Janine "I never said that, I said...."  Brig cut her off "And I respect everyone who's here and I'm trying to..." Janine said "you're like in LaLa Land.  Like there's noooo.... It's like you're talking to a wall."

Brian Should Be Here, Not Brig

Brig "I'm here to be professional"  Janine "you're the least professional out of everyone.  It's bull****.  It does piss me off and it makes me mad.  Brian should be here and not you."

Brig "wow, I think Janine, she's getting nervous."


So much to say but I've already written so much I'm tired.  Ultimately I think everyone did great hair but Brig.  I agree she was too ambitious with just 90 minutes to cut, color and style.  I also believe there was no reason to sacrifice her model's long beautiful hair for a competition when clip-ins and wigs and extensions can be used to create the same look.

Did Brig deserve to lose the competition?  Yes.  I also agree Jon did an amazing job and was impressed how fast he did it.  It's true that adding a decent bang to natural curls is very challenging.  Kudos to Jon.

Matthew's style was gorgeous but everyone has their own opinion and I think the braided front lost him points with Linda Wells.  Janine's a winner for speaking her mind and being true to her heart.

I know Janine and she has a passion for doing great hair and being truly professional.  I feel her pain.

And Brig?  Brig is doing a great job as an entertainer and regardless of what she does, you have to admit she keeps it interesting.

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