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Katherine Heigl Stresses Hair Flip Flopping From Blonde To Brunette

In Hollywood they call it "Actor's Hair" because actors, especially busy ones, have to constantly have their hair colored, cut, extended and chemically altered on a constant basis.   As you can imagine, this flip flopping back and forth can only stress hair to the max.

(Image of Katherine Heigl - DailyCeleb.con - All Rights Reserved)

Yes, they have access to Hollywood hair gurus, but after a point there's only so much even the best of the best can do to help actors and actresses recover from the trauma of constant chemical assaults.

Actress Katherine Heigl who recently upset fans by announcing she was bailing on her role in Grey's Anatomy is filming an action-comedy film, Killers.  In the film she wears a blonde wig rather than have her newly brunette tresses redyed to her Grey's Anatomy golden blonde.  Probably a very wise choice to protect the integrity of her hair.

Katherine was spotted leaving the set of her latest film with her current brunette strands slicked back into a ponytail.

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