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Janine Jarman's Diana Ross Hair Victory On Shear Genius 3 Episode 7

After doing a spectacular job winning the Shortcut Challenge on Shear Genius 3, Episode 7, Janine Jarman stepped up and blew away the other SG3 contestants, judges and viewers in The Elimination Challenge.

I decided to go back and do a blow by blow, no pun intended, of all of Janine's actions, quotes and results for anyone who missed this hair diva extraordinaire on the show last week.  I for one can't believe it's only Saturday and we have to wait four more days until the next competition with the bottom four.

(Image Of Four Remaining Shear Genius Contestants after Episode 7 - LR Front Row - Matthew, Janine, Back Row LF - Jon, Brig - Shear Genius 3 - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

The Elimination Challenge started with the five contestants being greeted by host/judge Camilla Alves wearing a short sleek bob.  Probably a wig but definitely cute.

She told the SG3 contestants about their elimination challenge which was designing hairstyles for Grammy award winning singer/songwriter Estelle who was hold "a Red Carpet event that will be happening here, later tonight."  Camilla then introduced Estelle.

Janine said "I love her, she's so cute, she's so hip.  This is awesome."  Camilla explained, the Red Carpet event is in honor of Estelle's album.

The camera panned past Janine who was wearing a very cute tangerine hued vintage hat.  Janine looked very excited and was slightly crinkling her nose which means she is really pumped.

One of the best parts of Shear Genius 3 has been watching Janine's reactions because I know her and have seen her react the same way in person.

(Image of Janine Jarman working on her model for Shear Genius 3 Episode 7 where she was creating her award winning Miss Diana Ross win in the Elimination Challenge - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

When Janine wrinkles her nose in excitement I always say to myself.  That is soooo Janine.  She obviously is having a great time.

Estelle then explained about the red carpet event and how she wanted her VIP guests who were acting as the SG3 models to rock a specific look at her album listening party.

She told the SG3 contestants her fashion inspiration for her new album was "all about how I left London and I came to New York.  The influences for fashion this time around were the 70s, Edie Sedgewick, Diana Ross in Mahogney, iconic British and iconic American, but still a little bit sexy."

The Elimination Challenge?  To create a 60/70s red carpet look.  After explaining the challenge Camilla asked Janine to join her and Estelle to pick her model and then to pair the SG3 contestants with the other VIP models.

(Image of Janine Jarman working on her model for Shear Genius 3 Episode 7 where she was creating her award winning Miss Diana Ross win in the Elimination Challenge - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

Janine looked so excited she was actually bouncing and smiling so brightly it was like headlights.  Yes, Janine is really that adorable.  Forget all the Wonder Twin trash talk from Brig or anyone else.  Janine is genuine.  Not only in her talent but her upbeat attitude.

Janine picked her client and picked exactly the model I would have picked.  She said "I'm going to take the one on the far end."  The model had stunning eyes and skin tone and lots of lush long hair pulled back in a ponytail.

As Janine pondered her next pick the camera showed her concentrating and did a voice over with Brig who was wondering who Janine was going to give her.  Brig said "my guess is she's going to give me the girl with the longest, thickest, curliest, thickest, frizziest hair and hope I hang myself on it."

OK Brig.  Why would Janine do anything else?  This is a contest after all and you always want to position yourself as strongly as possible and your competitor as weakly.  Anyone playing to win would do the same thing.  Right?

Janine said "the blonde for Matthew" and proceeded to assign a smooth tressed blonde to her gay husband (gusband).  She said "the next one for Brian" and then "the next one for Brig."  And yes, Janine, gave Brig exactly the model she didn't want.  And why not?  The last model went to Jon.

(Image of Janine Jarman's award winning Elimination Challenge interpretation of Miss Diana Ross - Shear Genius 3 Episode 7  in the Elimination Challenge - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

Jon said it so well when he told the camera Janine probably was hoping Brig had been sent home long ago.  He said "it's a competition" and not "everyone is supposed to get along."

I can say after having interviewed Janine on more than one occasion and hanging out with her at her own red carpet party, if you can't get along with Janine.  It's not because of Janine.  So if Brig can't get along with Janine, it's definitely Brig's issues.

The camera showed Janine as she finger picked through her model's hair and cheerfully chirped "let's go Diana, or Ms Ross."  Obviously Janine picked her specific model because she had a vision of what she wanted to do and was speaking about it from the minute she laid hands on her client in her chair."

Janine said to her "you'll see." Then she said to the camera.  "My model's beautiful" and I said "how do you feel about Diana Ross?"  and she said "I loveeee, Miss Ross."  Janine said "alright, we're doing it" and she bobbed her head to underline that fact.

(Image of Janine Jarman's with her Miss Diana Ross model - Shear Genius 3 Episode 7 - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

The camera briefly flashed over Janine using a blow dryer and what looked like a vent or boar bristle brush on her client's hair.  She was probably straightening the strands.

As Orlando Pita was chatting with Brig about what she was doing, Orlando said "Diana Ross is a great source of inspiration."  Janine overheard and looked up from hot curling her model with a somewhat surprised or shocked look on her face.  Afterall, Janine made it clear that she was already on a Diana Ross Mission.

Janine says to the camera "I overhear Brig saying she's gonna do a Diana Ross thing.  I'm pissed.  That's something I don't dig, is copiers.  It's like, do your thing and do it well but don't copy."  Orlando then talked to Janine about what she was up to.

She said "we're going to make her a very classic, shiny, bouncy Diana Ross.  I'm just putting a ton of focus on the process of curling it."  Orlando said "I love that and if you pull it off, it will be amazing."  Indeed and our girl Janine totally understood the importance of precision curling for her creation.

Brig then said to the camera "my soul purpose for being here is to rain on The Wonder Twins' parade."  Of course she meant Janine and Matthew.  She said "Ohhhhh, they're so annoying already.  I gotta get em."

(Image of Janine Jarman's with her Miss Diana Ross model - Shear Genius 3 Episode 7 - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

Orlando called the one minute warning and the camera caught the flurry of the SG3 stylists hustling.  We got a quick glimpse of Janine's model wearing a gorgeous orchid flower in her hair.  Her client truely looked like a young Miss Ross.

Janine's model was the third to appear.  She was an eye popping, mouth dropping, stunning vision.  She was wearing a rich lilac gown which matched the flower in her big beautiful billowing hair.  Instant wow!

When she saw her model Janine said "she looks awesome.  I have one of the more aggressive styles.  And I'm excited.  Miss Ross has arrived."  A quick pan of the guests caught a lot of them smiling.  Especially Kim Vo, Camilla and Estelle.

After all the models hit the runway the SG3 contestants joined them at the party and started to dance.  How fun.

During the judging of The Elimination Challenge Camilla said "we'll start with Janine.  So Janine, tell us about your process."

(Image of Brig with her model before she created a version of Miss Diana Ross - Shear Genius 3 Episode 7 - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

Janine told the judges "I wanted to give that Diana Ross feel.   So I meticulously wrap curled her entire hair.  And I blew it all back and up into the piece and slowly picked it out."

Estelle's take on Janine's interpretation?  The adorable singer said "it's what I asked for.  It's exactly what I said.  Diana Ross, Mahogany, the curls that angled Miss Ross.  I think it was pretty much on it mate.  Yeah."

(Brig With Her Diana Ross Model - Shear Genius 3 - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

Kim Vo, my favorite judge, said "this look is hotter than a gay bar on fire honey."  Janine was thrilled and threw her arms up in the arm in a victory salute and said "yesssss".

Camilla said "I would have liked to see a little bit more of the finishing in there.  You know, in the texture.  But I was really impressed how you were still able to give the shine all the way through the hair."  Janine smiled and said "thank you."

Jonathan didn't give his opinion to Janine, at least at that point.

(Shear Genius 3 Judges - Episode 7 - LR Kim Vo, Estelle, Camilla Alves, Jonathan Antin - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

While the SG3 contestants were sequestered Camilla and the rest of the judges discussed the looks and voted.  Camilla said "OK guys, lets talk about Janine."

Estelle said "I liked it.  I think she hit actually where I wanted to do."  Camilla said "I'm with you.  I really like it as well.  But I think she really gave us, like the inspiration.  When her client walked in I was like.... Estelle light up and waved and said "Dianaaaaa".  Camilla said "exactly."

Jonathan said "they way she incorporated a smooth front into a curl in the back especially on African American hair.  That's not easy to do."  Wow.  Major praise indeed from Jonathan.  Huge, huge, huge compliment.

Camilla called Janine and Jon to the stage.  She said "congratulations, you're the top two."   She continued "Janine, your style was glamorous, we're also impressed with the execution of the shape."  Camilla told Janine she was the winner.  Janine said "yeahhhh" and she clapped her hands and smiled a huge smile.

(After Photo Of 60s/70s Models LR - Janine's Model, Jon's Model, Matthew's Model, Brig's Model and Brian's Model)

It was fun to see her win.  She totally deserved it.  While Jon did a great job oh his model, there was no confusion who the winner was.  It was Janine all the way.

Janine bounced up and down and told the judges "thank youuuuu."  She said "thank you, thank you, thank you."  Camilla told Janine "your work was Shear Genius."  Janine said again "thank you very much."  Camilla told her "your style will be featured on the Allure Wall Of Fame."  Janine said "yeahhhh"

Then Janine said to the camera "Brig was also going for The Diana Ross.  And I'm so excited because hers looks mediocre."  I had to agree with Janine and the judges agreed as well.  Janine said "mine looks fantastic.  I got Miss Ross.  Soooo, I'm pumped."  Janine literally ran back to join the rest of the SG3 stylists, gave Matthew a hand slap and said "yeahhhhh."  Could Janine be any cuter or have more energy?  I don't think so.  It was so cool to see her win again.

(Image of Brig's Model Wearing Brig's Version Of Diana Ross Hairstyle - Bravo/TV - Shear Genius 3 - All Rights Reserved)

What did the judges say about Brig's version of Miss Ross?  Well Brig wound up in the bottom two.  Camilla told Brig "your client looked like she was ready for bed.  Not the red carpet.  Technically it was imbalanced and freezy.  And your overall look was uninspired and too safe."  Snap.

Brig's reaction to bombing with her version of Miss Ross?  She gave the camera a look and rolled her eyes.  She said "Wonder Twins Janine and Matthew, make some room up there (at the top) because I'm coming back.  I still have an opportunity to win this.  So I'm going to put my smile on my face and come back with guns blazing.  And ready to go.  Thanks Janine.  You're fueling my fire."  Really?

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