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2010 Academy Awards Starts With Intro Of Best Actors & Actresses

The 2010 Academy Awards started right on time with the introduction of each of the nominees for Best Actor and Best Actress nominee for the Oscar.

Then Neal Patrick Harris showed up on stage and introduced himself.  He said to the audience "I guess you wonder what I'm doing here" at which point he launched into a song wearing a shimmering jacket.

After Neal was finished with his rousing sound and dance, the twin hosts of the evening, Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin came floating down from the sky together.

Then Alec gave Steve a very big introduction and Steve said "and this is Alec Baldwin."

Steve and Alec did a stand up comedy routine teasing some of the guests including Meryl Streep.  Steve and Alec teased Meryl about being nominated more times than any actress for an Oscar but also being the biggest loser.

Steve and Alec also teased Meryl who was sitting in the front row about working together with Meryl in a movie together.  They teased Meryl about having lots of Nazi memorabilia.

Steve and Alec pointed out James Cameron and then both donned 3D glasses.  They also teased Woody Harrelson and said "he's so high".

After teasing several other members of the audience they introduced Penelope Cruz who presented Best Supporting Actor.

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