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Alexis Bledel Of Gilmore Girls Might Consider Gilmore Girl Film

Alexis Bledel, 28, has a new film, "The Good Guy" and has been busy on the press junket promoting the film.

At the junket, the more gorgeous than ever actress was asked if she would star in a "Gilmore Girls" movie. "I don't know what story is left to tell," Alexis told E!'s Marc Malkin. "But I'd very curious to read a script."

She also talked about whether in a Gilmore Girls movie her character Rory would have a baby.

(Image of Alexis Bledel - 2009 - - All Rights Reserved)

Alexis shared "Oh my god-a baby bump! Could you imagine? I actually always thought they were going to do that in the series.

Since Lorelai (Rory's mother) got pregnant early, I thought my character was supposed to get pregnant early because she had all these boyfriends. Rory always had boyfriends."

Rory also said "I really loved our series finale, I thought it tied up the story beautifully. I thought it came full circle," she said. "I don't know what story there is left to tell but I would be open to reading a script. I'd be curious to read a script!"

While Alexis is busy working on films, Lauren Graham who played Rory's mother on "Gilmore Girls" is premiering in a new TV series, "Parenthood" by Ron Howard.

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