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Carl Reiner Thinking Of Doing Another 2000 Year Old Man

The charming, funny and brilliant Carl Reiner (born March 20, 1922), who proudly showcased a snag on his tie for the cameras, was on The Bonnie Hunt show.

Bonnie who obviously adores Carl devoted her entire show to the brilliant man of TV who came out and did a great dance for the audience.  She introduced him as "my mentor."

(Image of Carl Reiner at a Gala in Honor of Norman Jewison. LACMA, Los Angeles, CA - 04-17-09 - - All Rights Reserved).

Carl told Bonnie "you're so nice to me."  Bonnie said "Nice to you?  I wouldn't have a career without you."  Carl "Yes you would.  Do you know how pretty you are?"  Bonnie "How pretty I am?"

Carl "You could have a career as a stewardess, as a hooker."  Bonnie laughed and said "Things are looking up."  Carl laughed.  Bonnie "Or a hand model."  Carl "Yes, you do have nice hands."

Bonnie "How are you Carl?"  Carl "I'm OK for 87 and I'll be 88 next month."  The audience cheered.  Carl "I read the obituaries every day and if I'm not in it, I have coffee."

Bonnie showed Carl a photo of Carl, his deceased wife and two of his three children.  Carl said "that was in New Rochelle, the basis of "The Dick Van Dyke" show.  Carl mentioned that they had a third child, Lucas Reiner."  Carl talked about his son Rob Reiner and his daughter Annie Reiner who is a doctor.  He had very complimentary words to say about his wife and kids.

(Image of Carl Reiner at Academy of Television Arts & Sciences' 19th Annual Hall of Fame Induction Gala - 1-20-2010 - - All Rights Reserved)

Carl said "you know something.  I don't have this picture.  This was a house we lived in.  Thank you so much."  Carl asked Bonnie if he could please keep the photo and Bonnie said she would even frame it for him.

Bonnie showed a clip of "The Dick Van Dyke Show" with Mary Tyler Moore outing Carl for wearing a toupee.  Carl said "The Dick Van Dyke Show" was probably the best thing I ever did creatively."

Bonnie asked Carl "what do you think about the the whole late night thing?  Because you've been on every version, with every host of "The Late Show".

Carl "I started on the very first "Tonight Show" before Steve Allen there was a guy named Jerry Lester.  It wasn't called "The Tonight Show" then but I worked with all the hosts.  Johnny, I was on 47 times, but who's counting."  He stopped, looked at Bonnie and said "wait a second, you may have to do double duty one of these days."  Carl looked at the audience "wouldn't she be a great "Tonight Show" host?

(Image of Carl Reiner and daughter Ann Reiner at the 58th Annual Directors Guild of America Awards Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel, Century City, CA January 28, 2006 - - All rights Reserved)

Carl said to Bonnie "you know something?  You can wear gowns."  Bonnie "wouldn't that be nice?  Yeah."  Carl "No I'm not kidding.  I'm serious about...."  Carl looked into the camera and said "somebody take this wise old gentleman advice.  Tonight, tonight, tonight.  And here if she wants it to continue."

Bonnie "no, I'm actually done here in May so I'm up for the job."

Carl "you are?  That not's good.  Is that so?"  Bonnie "yes they made that decision.   Carl  "A long time ago.  Wait a second.  I have power.  I am beloved.  A long time ago, Merv Griffin was on an afternoon show.  And I was on as a guest.  And he told me, in between talking 'you know this is my.  I'm off' and I said 'what?'  And the rest of the show, I had to plug something.  I plugged him.  And I said, 'this man is the best interviewer on.  He should be on, he should be on, he should be on."

Carl looked at the camera and said "I'm doing it again.  Nighttime, daytime, whatever she wants.  She is the Queen. I have spoken."

Bonnie "OK, OK, OK.  Now it's my Carl Reiner time."  The audience started chanting "Bonnie, Bonnie, Bonnie."  The talk show hostess started to tear up and said "No, no, no.  It's so sweet, but it's my Carl Reiner time.  I waited so long.  I waited all month, I couldn't wait for you to be here.  But I am very appreciative and thank you so much."  She said to Carl "you just my entire career worthwhile."

Carl said "heartfelt"

Bonnie "Look at me, I'm all choked up."  Bonnie went on to discuss Carl's work with Mel Brooks in "The 2,000 Year Old Man."  Then Bonnie showed a clip of Mel Brooks playing a man who was 2,000 years old and being interviewed by Carl Reiner.  Carl said he and Mel "have been talking about doing another 2,000 year old man."  Carl said he sees Mel "every day."

(Image of Carl Reiner and wife Estelle Lebost - 2003 - - All Rights Reserved)

Bonnie also talked about Carl's latest children's book which is titled "Tell Me A Silly Story" and he has another book coming "Tell Me Another Silly Story" sometime in the future.   He showed the inside of the book which he said "some of it is in color and some is not."  He said "I'll read it to you if you come and sit on my lap."

Bonnie asked Carl what motivates him.  Carl said "I really don't know."  However, he said that he likes making people laugh and he likes getting a reaction.

The rest of the time Bonnie and Carl reminisced about Carl's deceased wife, his long friendship with Mel Brooks and Bonnie showed a variety of clips from some of Carl's work, including "The Dick Van Dyke Show."

Carl said "live television was the best job he ever had."  He told Bonnie this show was just like the show "This Is My Life" except it was his life. Indeed, Bonnie covered all the high points of Carl's life and amazing career.

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