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Sean Hayes Says Will & Grace Will Not Return

Actor Sean Hayes ("Will & Grace") stopped by to visit with Ellen Degeneres on Friday (1/22/10) after a long absence of four long years.  If you watch Ellen you probably know Sean used to visit often, especially during the days of "Will & Grace".

Sean greeted Ellen by explaining he went "to the wrong studio" and was horrified to discover Ellen had moved.  Ellen pointed out Sean had not been by to see her for "four years."

Referring to his four year absence Sean said "I've been preparing for this interview.  For four years."  Ellen said "it better be good."  Sean "I know."  To  demonstrate his point Sean pretended to be very nervous, shaking while he drank his water.

Ellen said "the last time I saw you, you were in a restaurant, you're hilarious."  Sean said "this is what happened.  We were in a restaurant and I was sitting with a group of friends and you (Ellen) walked in and there's this big glass right here, like this.  And I'm sitting there talking.  You sat down with Portia."

Sean continued his story "you and I are facing each other and I see Ellen and I go 'oh my god' and we're trying to talk but we can't because there is glass between us.  So ten minutes go by where we're making facing and laughing at each and then it goes on and on and then the awkwardness, because we weren't sitting together.  So it was wonderful and awkward at the same time."

Ellen "it's a great restaurant" but we were outside and....  Sean made a funny face and said sarcastically "well maybe I didn't explain it well enough.  Keep going.  This isn't what four years prepared me for.  We've got a lot to cover."

Ellen "Alright lets talk about you."  Sean "we've got a lot to cover."

Sean, when asked by Ellen, explained his work in Broadway in "Promises, Promises" and is based on the movie "The Apartment" which "won Best Picture in the sixties (as an aside he said "see I'm nervous") with Shirley Maclaine and Jack Lemmon".

The actor teased Ellen and said "I'm playing the Shirley Maclaine part".   He got serious and said "I'm playing the "Jack Lemmon part" and "Kristin Chenoweth" is playing ther Shirley Maclaine part."  Sean said "it's about a guy making his way up in the corporate world and balancing his desire for this girl that he loves and this corporation he's trying to climb."

Ellen "and you sing.  A lot." Sean said "I'm not a singer but I try to carry a tune."

Sean explained "so then I'm had to moving to New York.  And I have to bring up the show "Hoarders" really fast.  I'm obsessed with the show "Hoarders" anybody?"  Ellen "yes, yes."  Sean "I don't know."

He said "best show on TV.  That and "Intervention."  So while I was packing to move to New York, I had three piles, LA, New York and charity."

Ellen interrupted "so you're moving to New York?"

Sean "I'm moving to New York.  Otherwise I wouldn't be able to do the Broadway show."  He shrugged "I could do it in my yard.  But Broadway is there. So I'm kinda going to have to go there."  Ellen "right.  You've gotten sarcastic over the four years.  But anyway."

Sean laughed and grabbed Ellen's hands.  He continued "so I'm separating the piles" and he burst out laughing and said to Ellen "you're so good at this."  Sean "I'm separating the piles and I have a fear of becoming a hoarder now because of the show.  It's like embedded and so I'm putting stuff in piles and I go 'oh this is really cute.  My mom gave this to me two years ago..... then he screams 'THROW THIS AWAY'  Throw it away.  Like I feel, you know, are you like that?"

Ellen "no, I do get rid of.  We watched a hoarders last night as a matter of fact and on Portia's side in the bathroom she opens the drawer and I'm like 'oh my god you're a hoarder of lotions'.  She has lotions and makeup and it's crazy and I said 'throw that away, there's hardly any left' and she said 'no that's going to be good for awhile.' but..."

Sean "Wait, people hoard food and cats and like babies.  Angelina Jolie hoards babies.  And Easter, you know Easter's coming up and I heard that Angelina and Madonna aren't going to hunt for eggs.   They're going to hunt for babies.  Waaa, waaa.  That's all I've got."

Ellen asked "what's going on with "Will & Grace"?  Will there be another spin-off, a movie, what?"

Sean said "Noooo.  It was a great run, but it's time to do other things."  Ellen agreed "it was a great show.  Really, really great."

Ellen then proceeded to try and get to say the secret word of the day.  In the process Sean revealed he has two dogs, Australian Shepards and no cats.

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