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Amy Poehler And Will Arnett Have Perfect Relationship

Amy Poehler is one of my favorite female comedians.  I think she is funny, cute and has great fashion sense.

I don't know as much about her husband Will Arnett but the two look very happy together.  I also love "Parks And Recreation".  I am a huge fan.

(Image of Will Arnett and Amy Poehler on Red Carpet at 2010 Golden Globes - - All Rights Reserved).

Amy, dressed in a gorgeous red belted gown by Jay Godfrey and hubby Will were making the rounds on The Golden Globes Red Carpet on Sunday night.  I managed to catch a brief interview the couple had with Ryan Seacrest of E!.

Amy was wearing her gorgeous blonde hair in a version of a half up/half down with her hair pulled back behind one ear, loose waves sprinkled through the perimeter of her hairstyle and a soft sleek side swept fringe.  She looked lovely.

Amy  was carrying a clutch by Judith Leiber, shoes by Sergio Rossi and jewels by Chopard.

Ryan greeted them by saying "hey, look who's here.  Amy Poehler and Will Arnett."  Will greeted Ryan with "Hey Buddy, we're here on a hot change." Amy echoed the sentiment "we're hear on a hot change."

Ryan wanted to explain to the fans what that meant so he said "if they say 'hot change' it means somebody's coming without any sort of break or toss."  Will Arnett said "Listen, I love a hot change. Young Will invented it. The kid's a pioneer in TV."

Amy said "I always order a hot change from any telly."  Ryan said "sometimes they bark things and I don't know what they mean."  Ryan said "Parks And Recreation, second season.  Critics are saying it's better than ever.  Why is that?"

Amy "well thank you.  We're excited.  I think we're really in a groove and I think the show's in a real good sweet spot.  We're proud of the stuff we're doing so I'm glad people are liking it."

Ryan said "and Will we experienced some Chinese food together the other night."  Will "we did, we dined together.  Ryan "and you told me how wonderful marriage is at that dinner.  We were celebrating the engagement of a mutual friend."

Will "that's absolutely right and I was saying."

Amy was saying in the background "Whattt, is this a joke?"

Will "No it's absolutely true and it doesn't lead up to a joke."

Ryan said "no he's absolutely.  I thought he was leading up to a joke at the dinner.  But he was being really really genuine.  And everyone around, Jason Bateman was there saying 'you guys have the perfect' relationship."

Will "we hang out and have a lot of very famous friends and we do a lot of Hollywood dinners and we talk about marriage.  Amy was laughing at this point."  She said to Will "you told me you were at a strip club."

Will "Noooo"  Amy "you were at a dinner with friends talking about how good our marriage is?"

Will "the secrets out.  I'm a great guy." Amy teased "how dare you."  Will "see you bud, take care."

But Amy's also a great gal.   Amy donated her outfit at the end of the night to benefit Artists for Peace and Justice! 100% of the proceeds from an auction of the outfit goes directly to help the people of Haiti.

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