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Reasons Why Kate Gosselin Probably Hates New Hair Extensions

Mother of eight Kate Gosselin reportedly hates her brand new hair extensions which took many hours to fuse to her former short spikey hairstyle.  Insiders have said she feels her hair looks overprocessed and damaged and her older twin daughters reportedly didn't like them when they saw them.

The hair extensions which reportedly cost in the neighborhood of $7,000 were combined with hair color and other styling tasks by world famous celebrity hairdresser Ted Gibson.

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Is it surprising that Kate doesn't like her extensions?  Not really.  Women who get hair extensions for the very first time are often shocked by how much time it takes every day to maintain the add-on strands.

Regardless of the quality of hair used, and Ted used Great Lengths, which are known for their top quality, hair extensions do take more time to care for and style.

Why?  Even though hair extensions are fused or woven onto the natural hair, the normal growth and shedding cycles doesn't stop.  Therefore, it's imperative that people wearing hair extensions brush and detangle all of the hair on a daily basis.  Since you have to work carefully from the ends up to the roots to prevent tangling, it can add time to anyone's busy day.

What happens if hair extensions aren't brushed, detangled and carefully for properly every day?  They become a tangled hot mess.  Regardless of the expertise of the person applying the extensions, if the hair extensions become tangled, it adds to the problems.

Other issues with hair extensions include not knowing how to deal with the sudden increase of hair.  Not only is Kate a busy working mom, she went from a short hairstyle to a very long one.  That means she went from basically wash, wear and a little blow dryer tousling to a new commitment to daily detangling, brushing and styling.

When she washes the extensions they will require special shampoo and conditioning products to keep the extensions looking soft and shiny.

Kate basically traded in low maintenance hair for very high maintenance hair extensions.  She went from short to long and to a lighter blonde with no transition time.  It would be a big deal for anyone but especially for someone not used to hair extensions who has a very busy schedule.

At least Kate had the wisdom to try and learn to style the extensions by having a hairdresser come to her house to help her play with some easy styles such as ponytails and hair twists.  With a little patience Kate may learn to like her extensions.  Most extension wearers know that the first time you wear add-on hair like Kate's it can take up to a month to feel comfortable.

Also, if Kate is not used to blow drying, hot rolling or hot ironing her hair, she may find herself dealing with the needs to do that for her new wefts.  That adds to the time tally for hairstyling needs.  Probably something Kate didn't bargain for.

Of course if Kate hates them, she should follow her heart and wear her hair exactly the way she feels best.  Whether that includes extensions, other add-on hair or her favorite reverse mullet.

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