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Amber Valetta Gave Jackie Chan His First Onscreen Kiss.

Former model and current actress Amber Valetta stopped by The Bonnie Hunt Show today to discuss her most recent movie role.  I personally loved Amber in "Hitch" where she played a gorgeous blonde heiress who falls for goofball Kevin James.

Bonnie greeted Amber by saying "very exciting, you've had quite a career,  What's the percentage of models that can really go into an acting career.  It's pretty small isn't it?"

Amber, who had her blonde hair wrapped into a layered nape knot laughed and said "I don't know the math, but noo, a lot of people in Hollywood came from the modeling world.  They might not have been super models, but you know... Andie MacDowell, Cameron Diaz modeled, I mean, Brad Pitt modeled.  There's lots of people you know waitressing, model."

Bonnie said "now there's a little more information with America's top model.  Do you ever watch that show?"  Amber "nooo, I don't have a TV."  Bonnie "oh, you don't have a TV because you don't want your son growing up with all the television.  Right?" 

Amber "That's pretty much most of the reason.  But also because its so nice and quiet in our house and I love it. Besides the three dogs and my son it's just really peaceful."  Bonnie "it's nice.  So does he (Amber's son) watch DVDs? Educational stuff like that?"

Amber "Yes, we do DVDs, then we go to the theater and we go to movies and so he knows what's going on in the world pretty much.  He thinks I'm kind of, a bit strict.   But yeah, he knows what's going on."  Bonnie "don't you think all kids think their parents are a bit strict?"  Amber "absolutely, absolutely, absolutely."

Bonnie "before all this happened, can you remember your first audition for an acting job?"  Amber laughed "yes, my first audition was for a film called "Butterfly Effect" which I think they ended up making with Ashton Kutcher."  Bonnie "right."  Amber "Well I auditioned with a guy named Wes Bentley who was in "American Beauty" and for the audition, there were two scenes and in the movie, it flashes forwards and backwards, kinda.  So I had two scenes.  One was when I was supposed to be kinda down and out.  So I had a mini skirt on and dark makeup and like a ripped up shirt and I was crawling across the floor and like you know crying.  It was very dramatic."

Bonnie "so you did all that."  Amber "I did all that in the audition.  Fine.  And then..she laughed..I pardoned myself.  I said 'excuse me I need to go change for the second scene.'  And you being an actress, you know, you don't really do that.  Like you stay in the room and you usually sit still .  I went and changed and did a hair and makeup change and came back and did the second scene.  Yeahhhh, ahh. so."

Bonnie "I did the same thing once two where it was called for a pregnant girl.  And I stuffed the dress and everything and went in and I remember walking through the whole studio lot and going to the audition and everybody was just normal.  And I was 'ohhh nooo'. "

Amber "Oh oh.  Yeah, I've been known to do things like that.  I've made a fool of myself I'm sure many many times in auditions.":

Bonnie asked "How was it working with Jackie Chan in "The Spy Next Door."  Amber "It was great.  Jackie's amazing."  Bonnie showed a photo of Amber and Jackie together at the film's premiere.  When Amber saw the photo she said "awwwwww".  Amber said "Jackie's so funny, he's so gracious.  I think I gave him his first onscreen kiss.  Is what I've been told."

Bonnie "you're a love interest?"  Amber "yes"  Bonnie "I'm not shocked you're a love interest.  I didn't think he ended up getting the girl."  Amber "oh yeahhhh.  Well I can't say that.  Forget that you heard that.  Yeah, no, he does.  He and I are boyfriend and girlfriend in the movie and it's very sweet."

Bonnie "ohhh.  What about, are your folks still around?"  Amber "What do you mean?"  Bonnie "No I mean are they still alive?"  Amber laughed and Bonnie said "are they backstage?"  Amber said "well you know it's funny my parents were here this weekend for the premiere.  I brought in like eight people, ten people for this movie.  My family likes to come in for these things."

Bonnie "I think that's the best part sometimes."  Amber "it's good but I kept trying to talk to my stepdad and my mom during the film and I think they were trying to watch the film."  Bonnie laughed "you're one of those people."  Amber "I know.  I was making jokes and anyway."

Bonnie "did your son get to see you in the movie?"  Amber "this one he can actually see because it's PG."  Bonnie "oh how fun for him."  Amber "it's a family movie, soooo.  Everybody can go see it."

Bonnie then showed a clip of Amber and Jackie together in the movie.  Bonnie said "such fun"  Amber said "it's a lot of fun."

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