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Michelle Rodriguez Of Avatar Is Not Crazier Than Anyone Else

Actress Michelle Rodriguez ('Lost') was recently on The Bonnie Hunt show right after director James Cameron to promote the film "Avatar" who plays a helicopter pilot in the film.  Bonnie showed a clip of Michelle flying the copter in the film.

(Image of MIchelle Rodriguez - - All Rights Reserved)

Michelle entered the stage by sliding down Bonnie's two story pole.  She was wearing her very long wavy chocolate brown hair with a long forehead hugging fringe which extended below her eyebrows.  She had on a blue long sleeve t-shirt, red stretch jeans and black books.

She handed Bonnie a golden deer Christams ornament which she had signed for Bonnie's special auction for a cancer chairty.  Michelle had written on the ornament 'don't shoot me, my meat is gamey.'  She started out by thanking Bonnie "for having me on the show."

Bonnie said "nice to meet you.  It was so funny, cause we were getting ready for you to be on the show and somebody was saying you were so thrilled when James Cameron actually called you because you're kind of misunderstood in this business."

Michelle laughed and said "a lot of the time, yeah."  Bonnie asked "what is the big misunderstanding?  What's the deal with that?    Michelle said "I don't know.  I think some people out there think I'm crazy.  But I'm really not."

Bonnie asked "is it because of the character you played on 'Lost'?  Is something that was?" Michelle "just a mixture of on and off screen."  Yeah."  Bonnie "are you a little bit nuts?" Michelle "maybe."

Bonnie "Aren't we all though (a little bit nuts)?"  Michelle "yeah, aren't we all? That's what I'm saying."

Bonnie "That's how I feel sometimes.  You know?  I think you can take one little aspect of anybody's life you could consider them crazy."  Michelle "that's what I'm saying you know?  I know I'm not alone out here."  Bonnie "no, you're not.   You're definitely not."

At that point in the conversation one of the camera man came up on stage and had to adjust the microphone which Bonnie asked might have gotten dislodged when Michelle slid down the pole.  Bonnie teased about Chris, the production man, who was readjusting Michelle's microphone and said "Chris takes command. That's not the shot."

Michelle said "Right on man.  I like a take charge kinda guy." Bonnie said "I know, He's pretty cute isn't he?"  Michelle "yeah he is." Chris takes command.  I love Chris, I like a man who I can climb."

(Michelle Rodriguez at 'Avatar' Premiere in LA - - All Rights Reserved)

Michelle loved Bonnie's joking around and laughed heartily.   She said "woo hoo, it's getting hot in here."  Then she looked down and said "I just lost my mike."

Bonnie looked over and said "is it gone?  No it's right there."  MIchelle said "OK, OK" Then Bonnie teased Michelle about the mike "that old trick?" and Michelle made a hilarious face and laughed."  Bonnie said "way to go Michelle".  It was a humourous interlude.  Michelle said "I don't know, you making me nervous."

Bonnie said "so you come into this movie ('Avatar') well underway and you have to use a lot of your imagination."

Michelle "yeah, definitely so.  Well this is the thing, you know you would if he didn't do that for you already."

Bonnie "oh he (James Cameron) brings it all to the table.  Michelle agreed "he brings it all to the table.  You're looking at a green screen.  He already developed this technology and built a digital world for you to reference.  Whenever you're looking at a green screen you would be like 'Hey James I really don't know exactly what it is that I'm looking at' and he'll show you.  You just walk over to this computer and you throw on these glasses and you're looking at it exactly.  That entire realm is there for you."

Bonnie "you did your first film, it was 'Girl Fight.'

Michelle "Yeah 'Girl Fight'"   Bonnie "how did you...were you in the business, were your parents in the business?"

(Michelle Rodriguez at 'Avatar' Premiere in LA - - All Rights Reserved)

Michelle "oh no, no, no, I was from Jersey City.  I just knew I wanted to be a writer."  Bonnie "you wanted to be a writer."  Michelle "yeah I did.  I wanted to be a writer.  And I did extra work for about two years and in that process I just realized you know, writers don't get any respect in the business."

Bonnie "you know it's interesting, it's true.  I was an extra as well.  Writers are not even on the set."

Michelle "they' aren't.  Yeahhh.  So I said 'if I become an actress and then maybe they'll respect me one day and then listen to what I write.'""

Bonnie "well that's one way to go about it. So are you writing now?  You did a movie didn't you that you wrote?"

Michelle "no, no, no, no.  I worked on a production in the Dominican Republic that didn't turn out so well."

Bonnie "oh I'm sorry."  Michelle "yeah, it's all good.

Bonnie was sympathetic and replied "well that happens sometimes."  Michelle agreed "yeah, you know, live and learn."  Bonnie "you gotta try stuff.  If you want a story to come to life."

Michelle "you could keep knocking me down forever and I'll keep getting up and trying again."

Bonnie "good for you Michelle."  Michelle smiled and said "thank you." Bonnie "I'm glad you had a positive experience and things are working out and take advantage of it.  Ride the wave."

Michelle "you've got to check this movie out, it'll touch your heart man."

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