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Pee Wee Herman Takes Bonnie Hunt On Adventure

Pee Wee Herman was recently a guest on Bonnie Hunt. Before he appeared onstage Bonnie showed her audience a clip from one of Pee Wee's past specials where he was getting excited about snow.  He was doing his typical Pee Wee routine where he ran around all excited about the snow.

He appeared on stage by sliding down Bonnie's firehouse poll.  He was wearing his trademark gray suit with pants that were shorter than normal pants, white socks, white shoes and red bow tie.  His hair looked exactly the same as when he had his original Pee Wee's Playhouse show and Big Adventures.

After giving Bonnie a big hug Pee Wee rang to the other side and performed one of his trademark dances for Bonnie's audience.

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Bonnie was laughing and said "awwww, they love you Pee Wee.  We all love you."

Pee Wee replied "why don't they marry me?"  Bonnie "they should marry you."

Bonnie asked if Pee Wee was excited about the holidays.  She told him she heard he brought an ornament.

Pee Wee said he did bring Bonnie a Christmas Ornament.  She is collecting for her cancer charity auction.  The ornament was a tiny replica of Pee Wee complete with a bobbing head.  Bonnie noted that the ornament had an uncanny likeness to Pee Wee.  Pee Wee bobbed his head in time to the bobbing head on the ornament.

Bonnie asked Pee Wee if he got excited around the holidays.  She mentioned that she had seen one of his specials some years ago where it was snowing.

Pee Wee "it's so much fun making that special too, it was really fun.  I get so excited at the Holidays.  I mean, really, really really, excited.  I do Christmas cards every year.   I brought some Christmas cards to show you, if you'd like to see a couple."

Bonnie said she had heard about his famous Christmas cards.

Pee Wee said "maybe I could get a mailing address.  I could add you to my Christmas card list."

Pee Wee showed his custom made cards which were hilarious.  He told Bonnie "yeah, I go crazy. Yeah."

Bonnie asked "who helps you? Who sets the camera up."

Pee Wee showed last year's card and said it was his "favorite one" and "look how weird this is."

Bonnie asked Pee Wee if he was "looking forward to bringing your show to the stage?"

Pee Wee seemed to be filled with pure glee when he said "ohhhhh, it's so exciting. It's unbelievable.  It's a giant theater downtown Los Angles, Club Nokia.  It's the first show, the first play they've ever had there.  It's a rock venue.  And I'm doing stuff I've never done before.  When I was making my television show, PeeWee's Playhouse it took ten days to make one half hour episode.  When they would say 'the puppet hands you a glass' it'd be a day.  Of shooting.  And now everything's going to happen in one hour and 20 minutes.  It's based on my original stage show and I've rewritten it about 80 percent and it's a play and has music and singing and all the Playhouse characters.

Bonnie told Pee Wee "that's exciting.  I saw your original stage show."  Pee Wee "you did?  Wow!  I didn't think you were old enough."  Bonnie said "I was in the second row."  Pee Wee laughed and said "ohhh, it's flooding back.  I do remember."

Bonnie asked "before you do these shows do you ever get superstitious, scared, nervous or anything that's a good luck thing of your?"  Pee Wee said "someone must have told you I have all this good luck stuff.  One hundreds things.  Yuh."

Pee Wee continued "I have everything from the normal stuff, these are my good luck coins.  I have three (gold) coins I bring.  And I bring one rabbit's foot and I bring my four leaf clover and a horseshoe.  Well I have other ones too.  I have my lucky bowl of spaghetti (a huge bowl of spaghetti complete with a spoon).  Everywhere I travel with this.  Everywhere."

Bonnie laughed and said "you travel with this everywhere?"  Pee Wee exclaimed "everywhere.  You probably can't smell it at home but you in the audience.  Phew!!!  Yeah, I have even more stuff.  I have my lucky cat (which is a huge stuffed white tiger) this.  My lucky cat."

Bonnie asked "Pee Wee, do you take this all on the plane with you?"  Pee Wee "yah! And now that they're charging extra.  I have my luck stone (a huge bolder), my lucky stone.  And my lucky blanket (a brown blanket with lots of 7s painted on it.) and that's pretty much it."  As Pee Wee walked back to sit down he tripped on his lucky cat and exclaimed "ohh, ohh, ohh I think I broke my leg" in Pee Wee Herman style.

Bonnie and Pee Wee then got in a simulated sleigh on a green screen and went on a Winter Wonderland adventure together complete with big snow balls, boulders and a gigantic snow creature who attacked the sleigh.  Pee Wee's favorite white cat went flying by as did a gigantic reindeer.

Bonnie and Pee Wee were wrapped up in neck scarves to match the snowy Winterland Adventure.  It was funny and Pee Wee made all his famous noises and faces.

Before the sleigh started bobbing along Pee Wee gave Bonnie a Christmas present and it turned out to be tickets to his upcoming show at Nokia Theater.  Bonnie promised she would see the show.

On a side note, Hollywood Hairdresser Robert Hallowell has cut Pee Wee's hair in the past and told me he was as charming and funny in private as he is in public.  Robert said Pee Wee was a lovely person and great to work with.  I can see that.  Can't you?

Pee Wee's show starts on January 12, 2010 in Los Angeles at the Nokia Theater.

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