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John Travolta Plays Vampire Tennis, Crashed Wedding With Robin Williams, Wet His Pants On First Airplane Ride

After spending time in seclusion after the untimely and tragic death of his son John Travolta is back in the public eye.  He recently appeared on The Ellen Degeneres Show to promote an upcoming movie he made with his lovely daughter Ella Blue and his good friend Robin Williams.

Ellen introduced John Travolta by saying "our first guest is one of the biggest stars in the world his latest film is "Old Dogs," opens November 25th".  Ellen then showed a clip of the film.

John entered the stage wearing a fabulous suede like coat with a layered sweater look that was very fashionable.  The actor started out his visit on Ellen's show by saying "I want to take one moment to thank each and every one of you throughout this country and throughout the world for all your support and all your love for our family. Thank you."

Ellen said "A lot of love.  It's important all the time but you did get a lot of love, you known that.  Every time you're here people just adore you.  It's good that you feel that."

John said "I feel that and I adore them too."

John had brought his daughter Ella to Ellen's show since she is in the film "Old Dogs" with her dad.  John said "she's anxiously waiting (back stage).

John pointed out "this is her first talk show."  In response to Ellen's questions how Ella is around the whole movie business by saying "she's so natural and so phenomenally professional that I think you'll find her perfect but you'll see for yourself she's just a natural."

Ellen asked "was this her idea or your idea to work together?"

John said "well initially it was my idea.  When she was five years old I said 'listen daddy wants to do a music video with you or a movie...your choice.  And she said 'well I'm not ready.'  So two years later, cut to seven years old she said 'dad I'm ready' and I said which is it, a music video or a movie?  And she said 'a movie'."

John continued and said he was thinking "gosh how am I going to find a movie this quick.  So a week later a script arrived on my desk that is so suited for Ella it was as if it was written for her and I called Disney and I said 'look I'm interested in this movie.  I more interested if Ella gets to do it with me, my daughter."  John said Disney said 'that's a brilliant idea' and then his wife Kelly got jealous and wanted to be in it."  So John asked Disney "would you allow Kelly my wife to be in it as well?"  John said "and they said yes and so there you have it, a family film with an old friend, Robin Willians, we grew up together, soooo."

Ellen said "what a great cast, that's fantastic."  Ellen show a photo of Kelly, Ella and John Travolta at the premiere of the movie.  Ellen continued "are you more lenient with her if she didn't know her lines, or did you help her out?"

John said "the truth be known I didn't really know if she could pull this off.  I was hoping.  And guessing.  The studio put a lot into this and I was just seeing, but I was trusting.  I think the most important thing you do with a child is have confidence in them.  But she was really on her own to prove to everyone she could do this."

Ellen asked John what he was doing when he was nine years old.  John said "you known one of the things I wanted to do was fly.  When I was a child I watched airplanes fly over my house, airliners would fly over my house.  I used to collect tickets...airline tickets.  I collected airline schedules.  And one year, when I was eight, and I got a ticket as a Christmas gift to go from New York to Philadelphia.  It was a 20 minute flight.  And of course it was winter, and I was very excited and I didn't know they had a bathroom on the plane and I kinda walked down the steps and went in my pants.  Yeah, uh.  But that was the early 60s and eight and nine year olds.  Today a nine year old would know there were bathrooms on the planes."

Ellen pointed out that "people stopped peeing in their pants around that time."  Ellen asked John about his recent adoption of tennis as a new hobby.  She noted she had always thought of his passion for flying but now he has a hobby on the ground.

John said "I do, I took up tennis, I play every day, I play at midnight kind of vampire style."  Ellen seemed amazed John played at midnight and asked "who plays with you at midnight" and John said "the staff at the house."  So who does John play with?  His house manager and house maintenance person "both live my hours" so "at midnight we go to the local tennis court."

Ellen asked if the staff is "good" and John said "oh yes, they're good."  Ellen asked why they went to the local tennis court instead of playing at John's.  He apparently doesn't have a tennis court now but he said "I'm building one, so I don't have to do that."

Ellen thought the whole thing was "weird" and asked "so you go at midnight and climb a fence or something and try to sneak in?"  John laughed and said "we have permission from the club owner."

During the rest of John's appearance he introduced his nine year old daughter and co-star Ella.  She appeared on stage with Ellen and helped to set up the clip for the movie.  When asked which of her parents were more strict Ella said that neither were strict but if she really wanted something she would "ask her dad" because she would more likely get it than if she asked her mom.

Ella said "her parents are both not strict at all but my dad would let me get away with more."

Ella was charming and laughed when Ellen showed her two commericals John had made years ago at the beginning of his career.  She also said she knew her dad was "always cool" when Ellen talked about what a cool guy John is.

Ellen also showed a video clip with John and Ella dancing.

Old Friends John Travolta And Robin Williams

John Travolta and Robin Williams are very old friends.  The two actors and comedians were once mistaken for celebrity impersonators when they crashed a wedding in the 1970s.   The two men were enjoying a drink in 1977 in a restaurant in Santa Barbara, California when they decided to invade a nearby wedding reception.  The wedding guests were convinced John and Robin were actually lookalikes.

John told USA Today, "We were having fun, starting to relax, when we saw there was a wedding next door. We figured we'd crash it."  And the duo, who've teamed up on the big screen for 2009 comedy Old Dogs, nearly got away with crashing the party - until Travolta hit the dance floor.

Williams admits the revellers soon recognised them as the real stars from their hit TV shows, Mork & Mindy and Welcome Back, Kotter. He adds, "They figured out who we were. Some guy yelled out, 'Hey, they really are Mork and Vinnie Barbarino!'"

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