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The Unit's Scott Foley To Appear On Cougar Town With Courteney Cox

One of my favorite actors, Scott Foley is to guest star on a forthcoming episode of Courteney Cox's comedy series Cougar Town. The 37-year-old Scott is best known for his roles as a college student on Felicity . Most recently he played a hot secret agent on The Unit.

(Image of Courteney Cox - ABC Cougar Town - All Rights Reserved).

Scott was married to Jennifer Garner. The couple met on Felicity at which point Jennifer was a no name extra and Scott was the big star. As history goes, Jennifer divorced Scott and ultimately remarried Ben Affleck after first dating her Alias co-star. Scott recently remarried as well.

It has been announced that Scott will appear in three episodes as a businessman. He will be a potential love interest for Court's character.

Scott Foley previously guest starred on numerous episodes of Scrubs, created by Cougar Town producer Bill Lawrence and has a long history with the producer. It would surprise no one if Scott found a long term home on Cougar Town with Courteney.

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