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Adult Entertainment Star Damien Michaels Found Murdered

Who is Damien Michaels and why is he grabbing all the media attention at the moment? Although Damien Michaels is listed as an actor by profession, he is famous for his work in the adult entertainment world.

Regardless of his focus in the world of adult films, Damien is making headlines around the world because he was found murdered. The man who was featured in over 50 adult films during his long career (he was in his 50s) met with a sudden and shocking end in a Comfort Inn in Woodland, California.

The death was described as shocking because Damien was stabbed to death and the cause of death, according to the police was from puncture wounds. As you can imagine, this was a shocking and horrific way to die.

Although the police do not have any current suspects at the top of their lists, Damien was heavily involved in the drug world and had a specific interest in crystal meth and crack. However, initial police reports indicate that the stabbing wounds and not drugs were the ultimate cause of Damien's death.

Besides his work in adult films where he acted, produced and directed, the 56 year old Damien (born January 23, 1953) also did some singing in his career.

The slender sometimes bleached blonde male porn star dated fellow female stars and was known to be dedicated to his work in the close knit industry. A friend of mine who is a fan of adult entertainment told me Damien was known as the "old man of porn" because he was one of the oldest, if not the oldest male actor still in the business. My friend also reported Damien often changed his looks for the roles he played.

Some adult entertainment fans are started to buy up the films with Damien in them with the expectation they will go up in value due to his sudden and shocking death.

Although Damien's list of 50 films seems like a lot, it should be remembered that the adult entertainment industry pumps out literally thousands every year. Although it is very sad to hear of Damien's death, in some ways it may finally provide him with the fame which eluded him during his lifetime.

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