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Mike Tyson Is Tired Of Failing And Is Living A More Restricted Life

Oprah interviewed Mike Tyson today, Monday, October 12, 2009.  A lot of the interview she played clips from Mike's new documentary about his life.

Oprah started a new segment by playing a clip from the film where Mike Tyson said "he likes a strong woman and then he likes to dominate her sexually and then he likes to watch her."  He also said "I have too much love too give and not enough love to give back."  He said he "liked to watch a woman like a tiger."

Oprah asked him if he still felt the same way today as he did back then which he mentioned in the film.  Mike said "I don't know, I don't think so.  I live a very restricted life right now because I could lose it all."  Mike is obviously a much older, wiser man who is coming to terms with what went wrong in his life and why.

He told Oprah "I know I'm going to fail if I'm going to go that route."

Mike said "I have no hard feelings towards Robin."  He said he "felt I was being totally sideswiped by the world".  He said he was "a young kid, am I a superstar, am I that big, I grew up in an abusive household, but now when the whole world would see it."

Oprah brought up the 1988 interview with Barbara Walters.  She showed a clip where his ex-wife Robin Givens was talking about Mike Tyson being a manic depressive.

Mike said in his film, Mike Tyson, that he couldn't believe he "just sat there and didn't say anything."  About his marriage to Robin ending he said "he felt abandoned."

Mike told Oprah "I truly wanted to sock her (Robin).  I truly wanted to sock her but I didn't do it.  I had socked her before and she had socked me before."  Mike said it was an abusive relationship (oh definitely, oh definitely).

Mike said "Robin is a very tough woman and she is very strong and can be mean."  Mike said "I was like a puppy dog, I was like a young kid and I had never been in that degree of matrimony, it was devastating."

The fighter said he had no role model for how to be a husband.  He admitted he was not faithful to Robin or his second wife.  He said he "didn't understand marriage".  He said he reached 43 and "he is tired of being alone."

As far as Mike is concerned, his marriage to Robin was "so long ago."  When asked if he had talked with Robin since they divorced he said "I'm sore I have" but he seemed vague on his memories.

Oprah "how are you a different man emotionally now in a relationship now."  Mike "you realize you have no idea, you don't have a clue of what is going on."  Mike said his life has hit the shit fan and he is looking to change his life completely and he is leading a more disciplined, more monogamous life.  He also talked about giving up the drugs and the strip clubs.

He said he realized "I'm just going to die.  I was taking the drug dealer's money and not paying them.  Oh man, I was so embarrassed."  Oprah said if you "were taking drug dealer's money and not paying them it's a miracle you're still alive."

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