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Oprah's Hair Is "Good Hair" Because Of Her Long Time Hairdresser

On today's show - Friday, October 9th, 2009 - Oprah had Chris Rock as her guest to talk about his new film, Good Hair, which opens in select theaters today and nationwide on October 23rd.

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Chris was on Oprah's show previously discussing his "Good Hair" project but now that the film is being released and many women have had a chance to see the trailers, the film is raising some criticism from African American women.

During the show Oprah invited members of the audience to share their feelings about the film, which looks at African American hair rituals, techniques and styling secrets.

Oprah made a point of saying that a lot of people don't believe the hair on her head is actually hers.  They think it's a weave or a wig or something else.  In fact, Oprah even Tweeted about her hair at one point saying it's not a weave or a wig but her own hair.

Oprah told two women in her audience that they could "feel her hair during the commercial break".  She said the reason her hair looks so great is that she's had a hairdresser (she didn't mention her hairdresser's name but Andre Walker has done her hair for a long time) all these years on the show and has her hair done every day.  She noted, if everyone had a hairdresser do their hair all the time their hair wouldn't break off either.

After the break Oprah referred to the two women in her audience as "the hair police" and asked them about feeling her hair.  They said they had felt it and it was "Oprah's hair".

Oprah said "I don't lie about my hair - but I don't lie anyway."

Another key point made during Chris Rock's appearance was that it's not politically correct to ask an African American woman about her hair or to ask if it's her "real hair".

What are some of the complaints about Chris Rock's new film?  Some African American women are upset because they believe they are being made fun of by Caucasian women over their hair care rituals.  Some critics of Chris Rock's movie said they feel that Causcasian women have an advantage because they have long silky hair which black men like to run their fingers through and African American women don't usually have straight silky hair without putting time and energy into their hair.

Chris responded to all the various criticisms and comments about his film giving away African American women's hair secrets by saying the African American community need to stop worrying so much what the Caucasian community thinks.  In fact when asked, Causcasians said they really don't think about African American hair issues at all.

Oprah agreed that everyone needs to stop worrying so much about their hair.  When Chris was asked why he shared secrets of African American women but not other races Chris pointed out he's African American and his body of work is based on that background just as Adam Sandler bases his work on his Jewish heritage.

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