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HAIRTOPIA™ Hair Vitamins May Help Slash Risk Of Heart Attacks While Helping To Grow Hair

Any time I see any information about preventing heart attacks I stop and review the information.  Why?  My own beloved husband of almost 25 years died very suddenly of a massive coronary in early 2005.

He had been battling heart disease for over 10 years and we literally read all the research we could find to try and prevent what ultimately happened, yet the disease took his life long before I was ready to say good-bye and at a much too early age.

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If I can save just one other human from losing a loved one to heart disease than I will do my best to provide any information I find.

Recently I read that doctors* have focused for years on driving down the levels of artery-clogging LDL cholesterol for preventing cardiovascular disease, especially in high risk patients or those with a prior history of heart attacks.

However, research shows that driving down LDL is just not enough.  To cut heart attack risk by up to 70% it is important to also work on raising your levels of artery-clearing HDL cholesterol.

How do you do that?  By a combination of factors.

Ultimately the American Heart Association recommends aiming for HDL levels over 60 mg/dl (milligrams per deciliter of blood) and LDL levels below 100 mg/dL for the most heart-protective effects.

What are some of the suggested methods for raising HDL cholesterol, known also as the "good" cholesterol?

1.  Taking Niacin, niacinamide or related

Studies have shown niacin or similar supplements such as niacinamide (a key component in HAIRTOPIA™ Hair Vitamins Vitamins) can boost HDL levels by up to 35% and to lower the bad LDL cholesterol by as much as 25%.  These figures have also been documented by Allan Magaziner, D.O., and author The All-Natural Cardio Cure.

Important: Please check with your physician before taking HAIRTOPIA™ or any of the other supplements covered in this article.

One of the downsides of taking straight niacin is that it can cause uncomfortable flushing of the face and the skin.  Niacinamide has similar properties to niacin and can offer the same benefits, but with less likelihood of flushing, in a majority of people.

HAIRTOPIA™, the original gold standard in hair vitamin formulations, was designed at the beginning to specifically contains niacinamide because it provides the general benefits of niacin without the flushing results of niacin.  It is possible, although extremely rare, to still experience niacin like flushing with HAIRTOPIA™ which is why it is extremely important to take HAIRTOPIA™ on a full stomach.

Also, if flushing does occur, it can be countered by slowing introducing HAIRTOPIA™ into your system in a slow progression of pills rather than taking the recommended dosage.

Extensive research on the part of has proven niacin and similar formulations like niacinamide.  Recent reports have been released which indicate niacinamide may prove helpful for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease.  A major study of niacinamide and its potential benefits with Alzheimer's disease is currently underway at the University of California, Irvine.

Helping The Heart And Improving Overall Health Of Hair And Scalp

Niacin and niacinamide are particularly important nutrient for improving the overall health of the hair and scalp, but also helps to improve the health of the heart and blood circulation.

When people experience a "flush" that means that the small blood vessels in your body are being expanded in size because of the effect of the niacin. Many of your small blood vessels, called "capillaries" are so small that blood cells can go through them in only single file. Sometimes, in fact, that small passageway is clogged and blood doesn't get through at all.

While the large organs of the body all have blood supplied from large arteries, a great deal of your body, particularly the parts near the surface, (skin, scalp and other surface areas) get their ONLY supply of blood (also oxygen and food) from these small capillaries. So if those capillaries are not carrying the blood, then those parts of the body are not getting adequate nourishment and oxygen which can eventually lead to hair, skin and scalp problems.

When vitamins that contain a high concentration of B, niacin or B3 (which HAIRTOPIA™ does) this means that as the blood again begins to flow into the areas that were previously blocked, the cells of the small capillaries will be getting rid of their stored waste products.

This often produces "histamines" as part of the process which helps to remove stored toxin and restore better blood flow for the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the scalp and hair roots.

The reaction is usually much stronger when HAIRTOPIA™ is taken on an empty stomach. Although it is rare for HAIRTOPIA™ to cause a reaction, the people that do experience it have reported that the reaction often disappears when the product is taken on a full stomach or when the dose is cut in half at the beginning of the trial.

Red Yeast Rice

Other products which help to raise the good HDL include Red Yeast Rice supplements.  Dr. Magaziner recommends taking 600 mg two to four times a day on a full stomach.  Red Yeast Rice is a yeast which grows on white rice and has been used in Asia for centuries.  It has been found to lowedr total cholesterol (LDL) and triglyceride levels by up to 30% and raise HDL levels.

Eating Red Grapefruits

Studies have shown that eating one red grapefruit per day can significantly reduce LDL levels in cardiac patients due to the rich antioxidants in the citrus.  Antioxidants supply proven cardiovascular benefits.

Drinking Cranberry Juice

One study indicated that just drinking three glasses a day of cranberry juice++, which is also rich in plant serols, raised people's levels of healthy HDLs by 10% slashing their risk of heart diseas by 40%.  It is important to select a juice made with artificial sweetner instead of corn syrup to avoid extra calories or other problems.

++Cranberry juice can also be taken as a supplement formula.

Important: Please check with your physician before taking HairTopia or any of the other supplements covered in this article.

* As originally reported 04/27/09 by Bonnie Smolen of Women's World Magazine.

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