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Big Brother 11's Michele Noonan - Things You May Not Have KnownPo

According to Wikipedia Michele Noonan was born June 16, 1982) is a married woman from Pasadena, California. She is a neuroscientist and enjoys watching the news.

(Image of LR - Michele Noonan and Kevin Campbell - Big Brother 11 Houseguests - CBS - All Rights Reserved).

Note: To read about Michele's physical transformation in the BB House refer to:  Twitter

Big Brother (BB) executive producer Allison Grodner acknowledged Michele is the first nerdy woman Big Brother has ever had in their eleven season history.

In an episode of Big Brother: After Dark on CBS/Showtime 2, Michele revealed that she "was bisexual".  In week 3, she was nominated for eviction against Jordan by HoH Jessie, but won the Power of Veto (PoV) in a shocking turn of events and chose to take herself off the block.

In week 4, she won her second consecutive PoV and ultimately decided not to use it to save Ronnie, a former Brains Cliquemate/  In week 5, Michele won the HoH Competition titled "Hit the Road" on August 13th.

Keeping in mind that Michele is "playing a game" on Big Brother 11. she appears to be a genuinely nice person who is doing her best to work a game strategy.  She also seems a lot smarter than she is letting on that she is, even though the House Guests all know about her Ph.D and brilliant lab work.

While there have been lots of Michele haters out in TVland, I have come to really respect her and admire her commitment to playing the best game she can.

(Image of BB 11 Houseguests competing for PoV - LR - Russell (sitting) Lydia, Michele, Jordan, Jeff, Natalie and Kevin - Thursday August 20 - Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS ©2009 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved).

Listed below are some other things you may not have known about Michele which were gathered from the Live CBS Shows, the Showtime 2 After Dark and the Big Brother Real Feeds.

1. Michele was in the last group of four people who were allowed to enter the Big Brother 11 house for the first time.

2. Michele started out sleeping in the converted pool room which was nicknamed "The Splish Splash Room" because all the other HouseGuests had already claimed the open beds throughout the house.

3. Michele has been happily married (her words) for the past three years to her husband Tim.

4. She started Big Brother 11 in The Brains Clique with Ronnie and Chima.

5.  Originally Michele was concerned about letting the others in the house know she had a Ph.D because she was worried being known as a "brain" might make her a target.

6.  Almost immediately Ronnie, who became "Ronnie The Rat" targeted Michele and threw her under the bus.  In interviews after he left the Big Brother House Ronnie revealed that he and Michele had several heart to heart conversations which were never aired on TV. 

7.  Besides having a Ph.D she is listed by Big Brother as a neuroscientist who works in a lab.

8.  Michele was only HoH for two days, the shortest time during Big Brother 11 season, due to the sudden eviction by the BB producers of Chima from the house.

9.  Michele won HoH in one of the BB mental competitions which required successfully remembering different HoH, PoV and Have/Have Not competition outcomes.

(Image of Michele Noonan - Big Brother 11 - CBS - All Rights Reserved).

10.  Michele and Jordan wound up in a tiebreaker for PoV involving remember Before/After events during BB prior happenings.  Jordan won.  Because she was the current HoH she decided not to use her PoV on the two nominees, Natalie and Lydia.  As a result, Lydia was sent home.  

11.  Michele gracefully fished the BB's coffee packet basket out of the trash can for Russell when he couldn't find it.  She washed it out for him.

12.  Michele loves to drink beer.  When Michele called Lydia a B**** after Lydia called Jordan a hoe, Lydia poured Michele's prized beers down the kitchen sink.  Michele reacted by not really reacting.

(Image LF of Big Brother Head of Household Competition - Michele, Kevin, Natalie, Russ and Jeff with Jordan sitting down to the side - Thursday August 20 - Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS ©2009 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved).

13.  Ronnie tried to intimate Michele by attempting to dump a bucket of water on her head.  Michele retaliated by hiding Ronnie's glasses.  Snippets of their resulting drama over his hidden glasses were shown to viewers.

14.  Besides beer the California resident loves to drink hot tea, coffee and Arizona Green Iced Tea

15.  Michele expressed to the other HGs that she enjoyed the movie 'Elf' with Will Ferrell.  She said it was so cute and said she always wanted "to eat a dinner of spaghetti and candy".

16.  Michele calls the Big Brother voice - "God's Voice" sometimes stopping to look up at the cameras in the BB House.

17.  Michele helped Russell make Slop Crackers explaining they needed Soy Milk poured in slowly to get the crackers to get the right consistency.  She confessed to "messing up" a few batches before getting them right.

18.  Michele teased Jeff about having a "Jessie" shrine built in Jeff's HoH room when he first won HoH and Jessie had just been evicted as a result of Jeff's Coup d'Etat Power.

19.  One of Michele's favorite candy treats are the gummy worms.  She was filmed while eating the candy like actual worms by holding them up in the air by one end and dropping them into her mouth.

20.  Michele sometimes licks her fingers when she's making food.

21.  She is famous for being a klutz even missing her mouth when she's drinking tea or coffee.

(Image of BB Brains Clique LR, Michele, Ronnie and Chima on the CBS Television Network. CBS ©2009 CBS Broadcasting, Inc., All Rights Reserved).

22.  Michele told Jeff she had eated his favorite Jordanaire mix in the past except she told Jeff it was called something else.  She told Jeff "I love that stuff."

23.  Michele applied to be on Big Brother 11 through a CraigsList Posting.

24.  Since entering the BB house Michele has lost 16 pounds from spending a lot of time eating BB slop, doing yoga, working out, walking around the backyard track and jogging.

25.  She told other BB HGs she traveled to Greece where she had an incident with the Greek authorities who started yelling at her in Greek.  She said she feared "she would be arrested".

26.  She current resides in Pasadena, California and drove rather then flew to the BB House.

27.  Michele revealed she used to take the train all the time between Boston and New York when she lived in that part of the United States during her time as an undergraduate.

28.  Michele often mentions she spent time in Dallas, Texas.

29.  Outside of the BB house she is famous for carrying around notebooks and writing down everything so she can remember.  In the BB house notebooks are not allowed and she has really missed having them.

30.  Michele sometimes called Jordan by the nickname "Jordo".

31.  Michele said her mom was really really skinny and she gave birth to four children.  

32.  Michele said she lost "boob weight" with her overall weight loss and her bra is loser which she said was "sad."

33.  At one point Michele indicated to Jeff she used to smoke, but she has not smoked in the Big Brother house.

(Image of Jeremy Piven surprising the BB Houseguests by introducing a luxury competition in which the winning team will win a screening of his new movie "The Goods," on BIG BROTHER Sunday, August 2, on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Lisette M. Azar/CBS ©2009 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved).

34.  Michele revealed to Kevin and other House Guests that she took Spanish in high school but doesn't use it much but said she still understands it.

35.  Showing herself to be a strong competitor Michele has two Power of Veto competitions and Head of Household.  In the graduate competition where everything was swung around on a huge metal carousel Michele managed to remain in the contest the longest of all the women.  She was the third from last to drop off.  She told Big Brother "I don't feel I have any friends in the house."

(Image of Big Brother 11's Michele Noonan - 27 year old Ph.D from California by way of Boston and Dallas, Texas - CBS - All rights reserved).

36.  Michele told Russ, when they were playing pool that "Chima takes a long time to eat."

37.  When Jeff put Russ on the Eviction Block to break him up with Michele Russ told Kevin Michele "spent hours crying" because she was upset Russ was the target and she felt she was next. 

38.  Michele told Russell she "makes bad jokes" and she's "not the best communicator". 

39.  Russ told Michele he doesn't yell at her because she gets "easily frazzled."

40.  Michele alternates between wearing glasses and wearing contact lenses including blue tinted ones.

41.  Michele told Russell she "does not do good on tests" and she did "not do good in physics in school."  She said she's better at being "creative" and "creating things."

42.  She told Russell she doesn't have "a very good memory."

43.  Michele told Chima when she was the HoH that her job title is "researcher" and not "scientist."

(Image of the Big Brother HoH bathroom with only bathtub in the house - CBS - All Rights Reserved).

44.  She told Chima when they were locked up in the hotel before they arrived at the Big Brother House she heard Jordan "100%" and she said she was laughing and "telling the same stories she has told in the Big Brother House."

45.  Chima told Michele she thought "you and Ronnie" should have been on the brains team.  Some of the other House Guests told Michele she shouldn't have been on the brains team.

46.  Michele told Chima that Russ had a "faux" fight with her after she came out of the Diary Room (DR)

47.  After leaving the Diary Room Michele was filmed doing a complete but deliberate body tumble on the floor.

48.  Michele was assigned the task of keeping the hot tub filled up with water by the BB production team.  She told Chima she had no idea why she was given the task of maintaining the hot tub but if she didn't take care of it BB would keep calling her in and asking her why she hadn't taken care of it.

49.  Michele told Chima she thought either Natalie or Lydia had the secret Coup D'Etat power.

50.  Michele told Chima she didn't "understand Lydia" and her "techniques" because she appeared to approve of "intimidation" strategies.  She told Chima that Lydia was "confusing."  

51.  Russ accused Michele of being "on crazy pills."  He also called her a "crazy person."  Michele stop up to him in a calm and rational manner and told him "Russell I'm not crazy."

52.  Michele felt Lydia was constantly baiting her with "I hate Russell" statements so she could drive a wedge between Michele and Russell.

(Image of Michelle getting ready for Big Brother competition - CBS - All Rights Reserved).

53.  When Chima suggested to Michele that all the women should bond together "as one" Michele felt that Lydia wasn't on the "same page" and Michele felt that Lydia tried to turn Michele and Jessie and Michele and Jeff against each other. 

54.  She lost at poker with Natalie, Jeff and Kevin in an episode shown on After Dark.  She told Jordan while outside in the hamock that she "is the suckiest poker player" and even though she has played poker "hundreds of times" she "never wins."

55.  During Chima's reign as Head of Household (HoH) Michele confessed to Chima that she tends to be "gullible" and not know when someone is lying to her.  She also told Chima she constantly gives people "more chances" with her even after they have lied to her.

56.  Michele told Jordan that the Slop Crackers she made after Lydia left was "not as good as Lydia's" and Jordan agreed that Lydia was "so creative."

57.  Michele was a Graduate Student/Research Assistant at the prestigious University of Texas Medical Center at Dallas

UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas from June of 2004 until December of 2008 (4 years and 7 months).

Did Thesis research in the lab of Dr. Amelia Eisch in the Department of Psychiatry on " the role of adult neurogenesis in cocaine addiction." 

58.  She has two dogs Peighton and Sidney whom she loves dearly.

59.  Michele enjoys watching live comedy and movies

60.  Michele loves relaxing at the beach in California.

(Image of Michele hanging out in the Splish Splash Pool Room on Big Brother 11 - CBS - All Rights Reserved).

61.  She likes the song "Since You've Been Gone" by Kelly Clarkson and told Jordan she liked when "they played it this morning". 

62.  She worked as a cashier in the jewelry department of a store, which also required her to gift wrap items and deal with anxious customers.

63.  She worked in the lab of Dr. Craig Ferris on "Functional MRI imaging of awake rats given cocaine." During her training she learned how to operate and troubleshoot an MRI machine for small animals, as well as understand how the machine worked.

64.  Michele told Jordan she drinks green iced tea all the time but doesn't put "anything in it." 

65.  She went to Boston College and got her BA in Psychology.

66.  Michele told Jeff she would be making a lot more money if she had gone to medical school instead of getting a Ph.D and knew people that did a double Ph.D and a M.D. program at the same time.  She told Jeff she didn't want to go to medical school.

67.  She had a brother who died and after his death she told the other House Guests that she "gained weight."

68.  Michele told Russ and Jordan that she "gains weight fast" and she "loses weight fast."

(Image of Big Brother 11 Houseguests arriving at the famous house.  LR from back row - Lydia, Casey, Ronnie, Jordan, Michele, Bradon Jeff - LF from front row - Chima, Laura, Russ, Kevin and Natalie - CBS - All rights reserved).

69.  In a conversation with Jeff she told him she would probably meet her earthly end by impaling herself on a knife or falling down some steps and landing on a sharp object.  She laughs about her clumsiness but admits she is definitely accident prone which has been shown on the Big Brother 11 show.

70.  Russ called Michele the "Rat Queen" in his Head of Household Blog.

71.  After Casey was evicted from Big Brother she referenced the fact he was "the only other married guy in the house she could talk to other than Ronnie" and she did a thumbs down on Ronnie. 

72.  If Michele was not happily married and was open to a Showmance I would have expected her to go for Jeff who she noted was very good looking when she first spotted him after entering the Big Brother House.

73.  At one point when she could eat food and was off the Have Not list Russ grilled a steak for Michele and Jordan.  Michele revealed that she loved steak and was missing it.  Jordan made her a baked potato in the microwave.

74.  When Michele won Head of Household a toy stuffed white rat was left in her customized HoH room. 

75.  Holding the white rat Michele explained to the other House Guests how to properly hold a white rat when injecting them or putting an IV on them so that they wouldn't bite.

76.  Michele shared she would probably not have her own biological children which she vaguely referenced to family genetics.  She did say she and her husband might adopt.

(Image of BB Houseguests competing for HoH while being swung around on ropes and being slammed into a huge diploma.  From L-R Michele (in purple hoodie), Jordan, Kevin, Russell, Jeff, Ronnie and Natalie - CBS - All Rights Reserved).

77.  She took Jeff's batteries for his microphone and then laughed when he confronted her about taking his batteries.

78.  In the Head of Household letter Michele received from her husband Tim he told her he couldn't wait for her to come home so they could play Scrabble which Michele revealed was their code name for having sex.

79.  Michele said she keeps the work she does quiet from most people to avoid their disapproval over animal testing and her work with stem cell research.

80.  One of Michele's ongoing complaints about the Big Brother house was how cold it was.  She often revealed she was wearing many layers of clothing.

I'm sure I missed tons of Michele info snippets.  Please share them with me in your comments.  Also, I would love to know if you love Michele or hate Michele?  Maybe you don't care either way and have other Big Brother favorites.  Yes I love Jeff and Jordan but I think Michele is fascinating to watch.  What do you think?

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