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Big Brother 11: Spoilers - Natalie Tells Jeff About Chima's Departure

Not only do I watch the three CBS Big Brother 11 shows every week, I also watch the Showtime2 After Dark and I subscribe to the Real Feeds so that I catch many things that fly by under the radar. Of course we all know that the Big Brother house is watching and hearing every word that's said which explains why during the Real Feeds that the cameras go off and on with regularity.

Based on chatter inside the BB House today, Monday August 17th, 2009, Jordan as the new Head Of Household (HoH) asked Jeff's advice before she picked the latest two eviction targets. As a result of the grand scheme by Jeff, Jordan and Michele to get into the final four it was agreed to put up Lydia and Natalie who's been a target since last week when Jeff put her on the Eviction Block.

Natalie knows she is in trouble and is responding to her latest eviction threat by gunning to win the Power Of Veto (PoV) which will be held during the day on Tuesday (8/18/09) and shown during the evening program on CBS. Natalie is desperate to win to remove herself.

Lydia doesn't really seem to care since if she is evicted she will be sent to the Jury House to spend time with Jessie who was the first to go there.

Meanwhile Natalie is hanging with Jeff and trying to suck up while Jordan is enjoying her new Head Of Household room by taking lots of naps.

While Jeff was in the hot tub Natalie hung out with him and they discussed Chima's eviction amongst a few other things. Natalie told Jeff that Chima was gunning to be evicted and that Big Brother had asked her to promise to stop breaking all the rules and to promise she would not destroy any more of her microphones. She refused to give her word to stop acting out because as Natalie told Jeff, Chima really wanted to leave.

Jeff said when Chima was positive and upbeat she was really great and fun to be around but when she was angry she was incredibly bitter and difficult to be around.

Natalie did tell Jeff she wished Chima had stayed and her leaving actually hurt Natalie's game because Chima was an important vote for Natalie and her allies. I had to agree with Natalie that Chima's departure did put her in a much more vulnerable position, especially with the eviction of Jessie.

At this point Natalie can only count on her own ability to win The Power Of Veto (PoV) to save herself. Only Kevin and Lydia are allies right now and if either Lydia or Kevin is on the eviction block with Natalie she might wind up with zero votes.

The question will probably always remain whether Chima was evicted by Big Brother or she left voluntarily. Ultimately it will come to semantics and they said/she said. The viewers will probably never know the exact truth of what happened due to film editing, Non Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) and media spin.

Bottom line, Chima is gone and it appears she was both loved and hated at the same time in the Big Brother 11 House.

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