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Chima, Jessie & Natalie Scheme Against Lydia

In a Real Video Cam - behind the scenes - Chima, Jessie and Natalie scheme and campaign in the kitchen while some of them are eating.  Natalie was eating cereal but Jessie wasn't eating, he was just talking.

The current targets in the Big Brother House as of August 7, 2009?  Lydia and Russell and for a lot of different reasons.  Chima has it out for Russell and Natalie has it out for Lydia for a number of reasons.

(Screen shot from Real Time Video cam of Chima and Jessie talking in the kitchen at the Big Brother 11 House on Friday, 8/8/09 - 2:00 pm CST - CBS - All Rights Reserved).

Natalie desperately wants Lydia to be evicted and Chima is still holding a grudge against Russell.

Even though Russell apologized to Chima for the big blow up they had a few days ago, Chima may have forgiven but she has forgotten.  She is definitely gunning for Russell, as she told Michelle in private.

Natalie, Chima and Jessie discussed Lydia in deep whispers and said she is definitely bipolar and doesn't take her medicine.

Jessie talked about someone he knew that was bipolar and how they acted when they were off their meds.

One thing is for sure, when the Real Video Cams are playing and the people are together there is whispering going on.

Natalie did point out that there is still a lot of time to decide who Chima has to put up.  There was a brief talk about Jeff and Jordan and whether they will go up or not but Chima said she didn't want to go after Jeff or Jordan at this point.

There was also whispering about Jeff and how he has random mood swings.  I have yet to see that side of Jeff and in my opinion, I always thought he was the best guy in terms of being a real stand up person.

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