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Scarlett Goes Red - Lindsay Lohan & Britney Blonde - For Their Jobs

Scarlett Johanssaon, Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears have all recently undergone a major hair color change. Actually the ever changing hair hue transformations of celebrities is nothing new. Look back at Ashlee Simpson over the past few years and you will see her in every hair color imaginable - well except maybe pink or blue.

There's nothing new in the hair color changearoo scene. Afterall, Madonna has a long history of hair color and style transformations as does Rhianna and Beyonce.

Ditto with Lindsay who has morphed back and forth so many times between her natural light red to blonde and brunette it is hard to keep up. Britney is another hair changing icon having gone blonde for her recent tour while going brunette on a whim and black to blonde with a 7+ hour color appointment at the salon.

Ironcially all three stars had a specific purpose for changing their hair colors. While Lindsay went from red to blonde and Scarlett went from blonde to red, both told the media they were doing it for "film roles' or business related jobs. Of course the same if true for Britney who has contracts with advertisers to appear as a blonde. Not to mention all the designs and money spent to prepare for her Circus Tour which features her as a blonde, not a brunette.

Scarlett, 24, went red to land the part of the Black Widow in Iron Man 2. She admitted to the media she wanted to impress director Jon Favreau. Scarlett told People Magazine in a recent Comic Con interview "when I met Jon Favreau the second time I had red hair," explains Scarlett. "Part of that was me wanting to experiment with my hair color and the other part of that was me kind of hoping that Jon would like the fact that I had experimented and that would help me get the role."

I personally prefer Scarlett as a blonde and thought she looked stunning in her platinum hue for He's Just Not That Into You.

Ironically I prefer Lindsay as a redhead but she also confessed her marathon salon visit was due to prepping for a film role.

What most fans don't realize is the amount of time, money and energy stars and celebrities have to invest in their hair color, length and style for various roles. What I don't understand is with the amazing selection of gorgeous wigs, clip-in extensions and other hair altering accessories why the stars risk wrecking their hair with dramatic permanent color changes when other options exist.

Of course there are always many sides to every hair story and sometimes an actress can't get by with wigs. They have to go for the authentic look to create just the right image. I get that and am just thankful it's their hair going through 7 and 11 hour color changes and not mine.

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