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Aaron Buerge of The Bachelor Getting Married August 8th

In the early days of ABC's The Bachelor I was completely addicted to the show.  Not only did I watch every second of every show, I honestly believed that love would win at the end of the day.

(Image LR of Helene Eksterowicz and Aaron Buerge on Second Season of ABC's The Bachelor - ABC/CRAIG SJODIN - All Rights Reserved)

Aaron Buerge appeared in the second season of "The Bachelor".  He was dashing, blonde and handsome.  At the time I liked him even better than the first season's Bachelor - Alex Michel.

After all, not only did Alex not pick my choice - Trista Rehn - he seemed to have the unfortunate character flaw of chasing Trista after the show ended.  Not cool.

Aaron turned out to have his own flaws.  He found fleeting love with Gloucester, New Jersey native Helene Eksterowicz.  An estimated 26 million people saw Buerge propose to Eksterowicz on the show's Finale.

After the show ended unceremoniously dumped her.  The fans were outraged and Aaron replaced Alex as the not so cool former bachelor.  There was a bit of a conflict over the Harry Winston engagement ring which Aaron purchased with his own money and presented to Helene.  Ultimately the ring was sold on EBay after a conflict about how to dispose of it.

Initially Aaron said Helene could keep the ring but there was talk she wanted to get rid of it because it brought her bad memories of the show and the outcome after the engagement ended.

Helene Eksterowicz did not take getting dumped well - who would?  She was bound by the famous ABC contract not to talk about what really happened on the show but she did eventually write a book about a related topic without giving away any Bachelor secrets.

Speed ahead seven years and Aaron is engaged to be married on August 8th to Angye McIntosh in Springfield, Missouri.  Will he actually walk down the aisle with his current financee?  It definitely appears he will.  Aaron told he is definitely getting married this time around.

He told Angye "is really a genuine person, and that's really hard to come by." The 33-year-old Angye is a commercial insurance agent.  He explained "she's hard-working, she's a smart girl, she's driven, she's independent, she's got her own things going on. A lot of those characteristics to me make her ever that much more beautiful."

Unlike Helene, Aaron did not meet Angye through any of the ABC Bachelor shows.  He told he and Ms. McIntosh had been dating "for a couple years" and explained the serendipitous circumstances through which they met: "My ex-girlfriend and I thought we would get together for some beers with some other people, and that's how I met Angye," he says.

Why has Aaron decided to take the plunge now?  He admitted "I'm not getting any younger."  He said "at this point, when you're in your mid-30s, most of the drama of dating has gone away. ... There's a lot more maturity in your relationship. I know from my experience what I'm looking for, what makes me happy. I'm not gun-shy. I'm amazingly calm about the whole situation, believe it or not. That's kind of a good sign."

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