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Sandra Oh Wins Emmy Award Nod For Supporting Actress On Grey's Anatomy

Sandra Oh, born July 20, 1971, is a SAG, Canadian Genie and Golden Globe Award-winning actress. She is primarily known for her role as Dr. Cristina Yang (2005 - Present) in the ABC series Grey's Anatomy.

(Sandra Oh at 2009 Independent Spirit Awards - All Rights Reserved).

Recently the talented actress was nominated for her fifth Emmy award for the top rated ABC show as Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.

Besides her stellar work in television, she has also played notable roles in a range of feature films including the highly praised Sideways where as Stephanie she tapped into her Korean female rage while punching out actor Thomas Haden Church.

Before making a name for herself as the aggressively no-nonsense wannabe female top-notch surgeon, Sandra had a supporting role as Rita Wu on the HBO original series Arli$ for seven years as an edgy smart ass.  Those who know her well suggest that there is very little similarity between Sandra Oh the actress and Sandra Oh the private person.

While Dr. Yang is famous for being emotionally clueless and an impassive hard ass who oozes obnoxious ambition and focus, Sandra is known for her off-screen wild sense of humor, scathing sarcasm and empathy.

(Image of Sandra Oh as Stephanie - Sideways - 2004 - Fox Searchlight Films - All Rights Reserved)

She is also a girly girl who is tender, kind and loving as well as a known hugger.  Sandra champions worthy causes has been known to drive a Prius for the environment and is known for her little explosions of books, CDs, papers, magazines and personal possessions.

Ironically the fans love both women rooting for the private person as well as the screen persona.

In an interview with Marie Claire Magazine a few years ago Sandra said  "I've always tried to play Cristina with a tremendous amount of focus and - which is the reality for a female surgeon," Oh had said to me earlier. "I mean, in real life there aren't many of them. But the ones you encounter are at the very top of their game. You have to have a kind of ascetic personality to survive."

The private Sandra is considered a cross between a fashion trendsetter and one of the worst-dressed in Hollywood.  In the past she won raves for her Vintage looks while at the same time landing on Fire Your Stylist lists.

(Image of Sandra Oh as Stephanie with Thomas Haden Church - Sideways - 2004 - Fox Searchlight Films - All Rights Reserved)

Sandra found herself sucked into a Grey's Anatomy on-set brawl known as Isaiahgate a few years back when her on-screen future husband Isiaah Washington allegedly called T.R. Knight a gay slur.  Sandra is known as a gay icon even though she does not personally live the lifestyle.

Ironically for 2009 Sandra will again be competing with her cast mate Chandra Wilson for the Supporting Emmy, but in the past when Sandra was competing head to head with Chandra she was totally supportive and shouted her approval when Chandra's name was called as a nominee.

In 2007 Sandra lost to cast-mate Katherine Heigl who defeated both Chandra Wilson and Sandra who were both very supportive of their co-star.  In 2008 Katherine withdraw her name from Emmy consideration which allegedly created a backlash amongst fans and Grey's writers, directors and producers.

Detailed List Of Sandra Oh's Emmy Nominations from 2005 - 2009

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