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Kudos To Y Public Relations For Cosmoprof And NAHA 2009

There exists in some circles the mistaken belief that covering any type of event as "media' is a guaranteed party pass. Not so, at least the majority of media professionals.

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The reality is that being part of the invited media for any major event is a huge responsibility that most of the press takes very seriously. I know that I do and I have met many fellow writers and reporters who feel the same way.

When I am invited to attend a Fashion Week or Hair Show or major professional beauty or hair convention as media, I know that it is my responsibility to capture as much news, information and behind-the-scenes scoops as possible. I also understand the importance of holding as many live interviews and attending every possible event that my mind and body can wrap itself into.

Such was the recent case with Cosmprof09 held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Not only did I arrive early, before the show started to attend media briefings, but i stayed after the show was officially over to wrap up information gathering and finish interviews. I have only begun to crack the surface of articles, blogs and related reports I have to finish writing, editing and posting in a wide range of places.

Cosmopro09 was a round the clock event for me and my Hairboutique team who assisted me with capturing as much information as possible. After walking the floor all day long and attending meetings, I had to then work on writing my blogs and other committments. Some nights I was lucky to get more than 4 hours of sleep.

No, visiting a major event as media is not fun, easy or a non-stop party. Yes, some media may take it that way but they are probably never invited back to events. Nor do they provide their readers, visitors or subscribers with comprehensive reporting.

I have been to many major hair, beauty and fashion events over the years and another key component to the success or failure of an event is the Public Relations firm tasked with getting the word out to the prospective exhibitors and attendees. If there is no advance PR about an event, there is less buzz and thus a smaller number of exhibitors and visitors.

Without great PR there is chaos. While it is up to the Event Planners and Directors to make sure the show operates with smoothly and seamlessly, the PR Team has to work in harmony with the show executives.

I have been to shows where there was virtually no PR and I have been to shows with great PR. Cosmoprof09 was handled by Y Public Relations and I was very impressed with how they ran their end of the show.

Not only did Y Public Relations handle all pre-conference media invitations and registration in an organized and effective manner, they consistently provided a series of releases starting before the conference and continuing throughout.

Although I did not have the pleasure of meeting Yvette Masterson, who is the Founder and President of Y Public Relations, I saw glimpses of her as she went zipping by handling a vast number of tasks. I did meet Brad Masteron who is the Vice President of Y Public Relations and he went out of his way to welcome me and offer assistance in any of my media tasks.

Y Public Relations also hosted a media room for the weary press to utilize for interviews and to pick up the latest information on show events.  They also provided a bottomless coffee service along with other goodies to help keep the media alert and on their toes.  it was very much appreciated.

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Y Public Relations provides public relations, marketing services, press media development, advertisement procurement, retail development and event planning for established and start-up fashion, beauty, home décor, and entertainment companies.


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