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Gwen Stefani & No Doubt Band Go Platinum Blonde For 2009 Tour

Decked out in pristine white outfits with matching stark white hair, No Doubt, led by Gwen Stefani performed at Ellen Degeneres annual outdoor show held a few weeks ago.

(Image of No Doubt led by Gwen Stefani - Universal Music Group - Interscope Records - All Rights Reserved).

After performing two songs Ellen chatted with Gwen and the rest of the band.  The Talk Show hostess said "I'm so exited you're all here - it's unbelievable when I'm reading about it today - 27 million albums.

Ellen asked Gwen, who had a lime green sports style bra under her pristine white T - "does it feel like anytime went by since you've been together?" 

Gwen who was coiffed in her signature hair knots took the microphone and said "it feels like, it just feels like, there was's hard to remember back but I think the first nine years was one thing...before we got on the radio, which was a miracle, it was never meant to happen and then the second half was really just a big blur of amazement...incredible.

Ellen asked "and who decided to do this and what made you do this?"

A platinum blonde Tony Kanal (bass - Gwen's ex) said "we wanted to get out there and reconnect with all these people. We just wanted to play again. We just wanted to play together again".

Ellen asked "do you all work out together because you're all in amazing shape?"

Platinum blonde tressed Tom Dumont (guitar) answered "we do work out together and its actually a peer pressure type of situation because we have Adrian Young (platinum blonde No Doubt drummer) here (he was shirtless and wearing an athletic silver cup over the top of his white pants) and I look him everyday and I think 'I've got to run some more.'

Ellen said "yeah, so really, do you work out every day because you have to be in shape to do this kinda - you're all jumping up and down the entire time."

Tom answered "most every day" as the rest of the band all shook their heads in total agreement.

Ellen said "and the tour starts tonight.  Are you ready?"  The group seemed to be ready to wow their fans.  At any rate, they performed one last song to close out Ellen's fabulous show.

Tension On The Reunion Tour?

Although she didn't broach the topic, rumors were swirling that the five year hiatus since the last No Doubt tour was due to lots of tension and jealous over Gwen's solo work.  During the time No Doubt was taking a break Gwen released two platinum-selling solo albums, released the popular L.A.M.B fashion line and had two adorable children.

The platinum white tressed Gwen Stefani, 39, has dismissed rumors No Doubt's reunion has been marred by tension between her and the rest of the No Doubt band mates, insisting they've overcome any issues.  The media reported that there were "heated conversations" between Gwen and her ex-love, Tony Kanal, over band business.

Gwen dismissed any tension or jealousy to Elle magazine saying "everybody's making it like there's all this tension, you know, like I stepped away from the band and now they're jealous of me, and look, maybe there is a little bit of that ... but some fights aren't really what they seem. I think it was a little about the song, and a little about our coming back together. There was this air bubble that needed to pop, you know?"

No Doubt has nearly 60 shows scheduled across North America over the next few months.  The response from fans has been amazing indicating that the quartet is poised for one of the biggest tours of 2009.

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