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Jessica Biel Says "Something Sexy And Wild About Being Blonde"

The vivacious and incredibly gorgeous Jessica Biel recently appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres show to promote her brand new film 'Easy Virtue'.

(Image of Jessica Biel as she appears in the film Easy Virtue - courtesy of Easy Virtue - All Rights Reserved).

Before she appeared on stage Ellen played a clip of the film with Jessica with short wavy platinum blonde hair and a more subdued Kristin Scott Thomas doing battle.

Jessica appeared on stage wearing sassy black leather ankle length pants, a soft white top and a tweedy style jacket with black leather edging along the lapels.

She had on high heels and looked spectacular.  Her light brunette hair was highlighted with lighter caramel ribbons and it cascaded down around her shoulders with hints of loose waves.  It was worn off her face to showcase her famous beauty.

After giving Jessica a hug Ellen pointed out that she had not seen the movie star since they went to a Radiohead concert together some months ago.

The Hollywood Bowl - Guys & Dolls

Ellen reported they had "a whole lot of fun" and Jessica said "I loved that concert, that was so great."  Ellen said Radiohead was at The Hollywood Bowl and now "you're going to perform at The Hollywood Bowl."

Jessica confirmed she is going to perform at The Bowl "doing Guys And Dolls." She explained she plays Sister Sarah. The beautiful actress said "I'm nervous thinking about it."  Ellen said "that's a big place" and Jessica said "that's a huge place."

(Image LR of Jessica Biel and Ben Barnes who plays Jessica's husband in Easy Virtue - All Rights Reserved).

The Talk Show Hostess asked how many people it (The Hollywood Bowl) holds and Jessica chocked "I don't know and I'm hoping not to know." Ellen said "thousands and thousands" and Jessica exclaimed "that's not what I'm looking for."

Ellen asked "have you played in outdoor theater before?"  Jessica said "noooooo, I haven't done anything on stage like that since I was 9 or 10....I did Annie and The Sound Of a kid."

Sucking Up Bugs

Ellen inquired if Jessica had sung before.  Jessica confirmed she had. The funny lady told Ms. Biel one of the problems with performing outdoors is "bugs regularly fly in your mouth."

Jessica appeared to be appalled at the thought "ohhhhhhhh nooooo, I don't need anymore problems, I'm serious.  The deck's stacked against me."

Ellen said "when you're outside performing they're (the bugs) are attacked to the lights and they fly into your mouth."  She pointed out she's been outside doing stand-up and had bugs "fly directly into" her mouth.

Jessica asked "what do you do then?"  Ellen said "you just choke."  She pointed out Jessica will have to stay in character and not deviate from her script so she will have to basically just suck it up.  Ellen ended the example of the bug challenges by telling Jessica "well good luck."

Singing In The Shower & In The Car

The actress said she is practicing singing but is more of a "singing in the shower and in the car" type of performer.  Ellen teased her about showing in her car which was funny.

Jessica  told Ellen she does vocal warm-ups while she is in the car.  Jessica gave examples of her lip roll which she says is how she starts the vocal.  Then she does a tongue roll.  The beautiful brunette said she drives down Sunset in LA doing her vocal exercises and people think she's crazy.

Ellen could see why they might think that since it sounded like Jessica was doing a Jetsons impression.  After Ellen and Jessica practiced the verbal exercises together Ellen declared she could be a singer.

Moving To New York?

When Ellen asked Jessica about whether or not she had moved to New York, the actress explained she is not living there (New York) but is definitely "spending more time there".  She said she's spending time both in LA and in New York.

Ellen asked if the papparrazzi leaves her alone in New York.  Jessica said "it's a little bit different but we've still had  some papparrizzi problems going on there." She did agree "it's not as bad.  I can really walk around and check out the neighborhood."   The star apparently enjoys having more freedom in New York where she is not under constant scruntiny like she is in Los Angeles.

Jessica explained she grew up in Colorado "I mean, I just grew up hanging out in the mountains, no buildings anywhere."  As a result, she told Ellen "she still feels a little intimidated" by New York.

Obviously the beautiful brunette actress loves New York and is still finding her way there but thinks its a fun place to be.

Scoops About The Film - Easy Virtue

After talking about spending time in New York Jessica discussed her new film which is 'Easy Virtue', a 1920s Noel Coward comedy of manners.  The gorgeous star said its Meet The Parents but set in the 1920s.  She plays Larita, a Detroit race car driver who roars into an aristocratic English family by marrying a man who is younger than herself and creating a scandal.

Jessica and Ellen discussed the film's great cast which includes Ben Barnes as her husband, Colin Firth as the father and Kristin Scott-Thomas as the uptight mother who does battle with Jessica as Larita.

The star of Easy Virtue told Ellen she had "bright blonde platinum hair."  She said she loved working with Kristen who she "gets to have a war with."

Jessica's Thoughts On Being Platinum Blonde?

After mentioning she had bright blonde hair, Ellen said "well you look great both ways" referring to the fact Jessica was blonde in the film but is now brunette again.

Ellen asked Jessica how she felt about going blonde for the role.  She said "that was so much fun.  There's something like sexy and wild about being a blonde."  Ellen said "yeah I know" referring to her own short flaxen tresses.  It was funny and the end of the interview.

Although Jessica and Ellen had a delightful conversation that covered a range of topics, at no time was Justin Timberlake or personal information about Jessica discussed.  Recently there has been buzz about whether or not Justin and Jessica would be getting engaged.  Other media has buzzed about them breaking up.

Ellen and Jessica did not discuss the Sexy Back singer except at one point Jessica said "we".  That was the extent of anything private or confidential.

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