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African American Women Want More Celeb Hair & Beauty Role Models

At the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in New York this week, a panel, which included Essence's beauty editor Mikki Taylor and legendary makeup artist Sam Fine, discussed findings from a new study by Essence Magazine that African-American women may spend close to $8 billion dollars a year on beauty products and cosmetics but still can't aren't satisfied with the offerings.

(Image of Viola Davis - PR Photo - All Rights Reserved).

According to the results of the study, a lack of really effective products in their marketplace, results in African-Americans spending 80 percent more on cosmetics and skin care products because they are not satisfied with the results on their skin.

Other results of the Essence Magazine study indicated that African-American consumers are unhappy with the limited number of black role models utilized in beauty campaigns compared to the dozes of celebs used to sell cosmetics and beauty brands to Caucasians.

Currently Halle Berry and Beyoncé are two of the primary African-American role models utilized for selling hair, cosmetics and related beauty products.

So what about Viola Davis who is a fabulous up and coming actress?  While its true there are probably many less celeb spokesmodels for the African American community, there are more black actresses taking their place in the ranks who certainly could serve as hair, beauty and make-up icons.

In the anti-aging category, black women have virtually no role models. "There's no face of aging in the African-American community," said Fine. "There's Sharon Stone and Christie Brinkley, but no one who's African-American."

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