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Trials & Tribulations Of Writing A Blog Covering Current Events

One of the biggest challenges I have with writing my blog is getting my friends and family to understand that news becomes old very fast.

Which means if I am going to strive to write a timely blog about hair, beauty, celebrity, fashion and TV events, I have to keep my finger on the pulse and report about things as they happen as quickly as possible.

(Image of Spring 2009 Celebrity Apprentice cast - NBC Photo: Ali Goldstein - NBC - All Rights Reserved).

I went through this challenge with my family and friends when the various Award Shows were on the air.

My people did not understand that if I waited to watch an award show after it had completely finished and was on The Tivo, I was already at the back of the crowd and my blog would probably come in number 2,000 in a pack of 2,000.

In some ways Blogs are very much like newspapers that report on events and whomever reports the information first, has a major advantage over those that do it afterwards.

The downside to all this?  My family doesn't like watching the various award shows.  They also don't like reality TV shows like Celebrity Apprentice, Dancing With The Stars, The Bachelor or The Bachelorette.  They hate anything that ends in Awards.

When their TV viewing trumps my need to watch for blog writing, I am in a quandry.  What to do?  Do I sit patiently in my chair while they leisurely watch The Unit or some other show they prefer while I feel the minutes ticking by on the news I need to be blogging about slowly chilling off?  Or do I check into a hotel somewhere with my notebook computer and blog and Twitter away real time?

After this recent season where family members screamed at me because I was getting stressed over not being able to watch what I needed to for my blog, I have made a new Blogging Resolution to start checking into various locations when events are on TV so that I can report in real time rather than in cold time.  That may be a drastic solution but it will probably save my sanity and prevent me from being yelled at for just needing the TV to do my work.

I guess with every career their are hidden challenges.  This is mine.

I have a business partner who every Monday, Wednesday and Friday works doing consulting for a company.  He would rather cut off his fingers than miss one of those dates because he has committed to be there.  However, that very business partner doesn't understand that watching Reality TV is part of my work for  Trying to explain it is difficult at best.

Some of my friends don't understand why I don't want to answer the phone when I am trying to write.  Of course none of them really write so it is hard for them to know what happens when a writer is distracted in the middle of being in the writing zone.

Sometimes I wonder what other bloggers, columnists, reporters and writers go through with their own careers.  I also wonder if the people in their lives respect their work enough to support their need to watch whatever crazy event is on TV or attend odd but important red carpet gatherings.

I guess if life didn't offer some challenges then it wouldn't be called life. What do you think?

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