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Sassy Hair Goddess

JPMS National Educator Sunnie Brook Jones Shares Collection of Moody Temptresses of Texture

Paul Mitchell National Educator Sunnie Brook Jones makes a strong head case for putting on the pout for spring and Summer 2009.

(Image from Paul Mitchell - All Rights Reserved).

The new “Damsels in Dis-Tress” collection plays with texture like it were, well…a man.  The hairstyle below is dubbed Alyssa and is finished off with a lush steel gray bow positioned off to one side of the head.

The hair color is a combination of two contrasting hues with darker on the top and lighter throughout the edges and perimeter.


Complete all the steps below to recreate this Sassy Hair Goddess style.


1.  Part hair diagonally back on far left side.

2.  Prep hair with Paul Mitchell® Round Trip® to enhance curl and increase shine.

3.  Part a triangular section off from the high point of the crown to top of brows and section off.

4.  Section a horizontal zigzag parting from ear-to-ear.

5.  On remaining hair, take 1-inch sections and spray with Paul Mitchell® Hold Me TightTM finishing spray and weave in and out of large hair pins, creating a zigzag shape. Secure ends.

6.  Place Paul Mitchell Pro ToolsTM Express Ion Style® 1.0 over zigzag to lock wave in and let cool before removing. Brick layer each section so they blend. 

7.  On the hair above the ears, spray with Paul Mitchell® Hold Me TightTM finishing spray.

8.  Take 1-inch horizontal sections and wrap around a closed 1-inch Paul Mitchell Pro ToolsTM Express Ion CurlTM 1.0 iron.

9.  When you get to the top triangle, continue curling 1-inch sections but pivot around the high point making sure curls are moving in the same direction.

10.  Once everything has cooled down, spray with Paul Mitchell® Hold Me TightTM finishing spray and brush out with 413 Sculpting Brush.

11.  Mold hair with Paul Mitchell® Dry WaxTM and use clips to secure molded hair in place.

12.  Spray with Paul Mitchell® Extra-Body Finishing Spray® and then remove clips.


Hair: Sunnie Brook Jones, Paul Mitchell National Educator

Hair Assistants: Jo Jo Chavez and Tawny Lopez

Makeup: Daven Mayeda for the Powder Group

Wardrobe: Sarah Elllis

Photography: Kim Grisco

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