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Celebrity Marriage Mania In Full Swing

Celebrity Marriage Mania In Full Swing

The mighty bachelors of Celebrity Land are falling.  It was revealed that long time Playboy Bruce Willis, 54, was married this weekend to 30 year old British model girlfriend Emma Heming at his Parrot Cay home in the Caribbean.

It has been announced that Bruce and Emma will have a civil ceremony when they return

Meanwhile 64-year-old Netscape billionaire Jim Clark also got married this weekend.  His bride? The 28-year-old swimsuit model Kristy Heinze.

(Image of Bruce Willis - at the Los Angeles Premiere of 'The House Bunny'.  Mann Village Theater, Westwood, CA.  08-20-08 - - All Rights Reserved).

Jim Clark also got married on a Caribbean Island.  Richard Branson's Necker Island, where Larry Page, co-founder of Google got married, was the scene of Clark's wedding.

Not to be left off the marriage list, it was revealed that Dave Letterman also recently got married to the Baby Mama of his young son after dating her for many years.

The difference between Bruce Willis and Jim Clark is that his new wife, Regina, is not a model and it appears that the couple did not get married in the Caribbean.

In fact, they got married in Grand Teton, Montana on Thursday, March 19, 2009 at 3:00 pm.  Dave told the story of his marriage on The Tonight Show.  It was quite hilarious.  He said the reason they waited so long to marry was they wanted to get the prenuptial agreement just right.

Whew.  What a relief.

Non-model Natasha Bedingfield, the British pop star also got married over the weekend.  Natasha married director Matthew Robinson in Malibu, California with approximately 150 guests in attendance.

Of course lets not forget that recently super model Gisele Bundchen recently married Tom Brady and Calista Flockhart and Harrison Ford have announced their recent engagement.

Seems like weddings are replacing having babies as the hot new celebrity social event of the current season.  What do you think?

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