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Big Love Wives In Crisis

I have been watching HBO's Big Love series since the very first episode.  A huge fan of Chloe Sevigny, I wanted to see her work on the highly rated controversial series.

Initially I wasn't sure I would like the show, or could relate to the characters.  However, each episode has drawn me deeper into the plot.

As this current season has drawn towards it's end, I have been in awe of the developments within the major and minor plot lines.

(Image of Ana - Branka Katic - HBO - Big Love - 2009 - All Rights Reserved).

Chloe Sevigny as wife#2, Nicolette Grant, has been truly spectacular.  But so has the rest of Bill Hendrickson's wives.  In this current series Bill (Bill Paxton) has wooed, won and married wife #4 who brought a whole new layer of strife to the Henrickson family.

Actually there appeared to be a lot of submerged angst in the household that has been building since the beginning of this season.  The jealously, pettiness and lies suppressed for so long by the three wives, Barb (Jeanne Tripplehorn), Nicki and Margene (Ginnifer Goodwin), were released when Ana married Bill.   

Even though Margene, campaigned relentlessly for the addition of Ana to the Henrickson family, ultimately the Serbian waitress refused to play by the set Morman wife rules.  After Barb and Margene fought over where Ana should live, Nicki stirred the pot with Margene against Barb.  Ana realized the accelerating hotbed of hostility she was stepping into, handed Bill back her wedding ring and fled the scene.

Meanwhile deadly lies started to unravel as Margene, who dyed her platinum hair back to its original brunette, caught Nicki impersonating her at the District Attorney's office.  Margene also intercepted a huge bouquet of flowers sent to Nicki from her boss, Ray Henry (Charles Esten).  It became obvious that Nicki hated her life as Bill Hendrickson's #2 Wife.  She was humiliated when she discovered Bill had to use Viagra to become intimate with her and was ashamed when it was discovered she had been taking birth control pills to avoid having any more children with Bill.

When Ray Henry, who she obviously had chemistry and feelings for confronted her about the truth, she was devastated when he shunned her.   The rejection continued.  Not only was she shut out by Barb and Margene, who were both furious about the discovery of the birth control pills, she was kicked out of her brother-in-law's house when it was discovered she had helped her evil father beat a long term, much deserved, jail term.

Nicki appeared completely lost as she was shut out by her past and current family.  She wandered aimlessly from person to person during the tragic funeral of beautiful Kathy Marquart, killed by her father.

It was obvious Nicki felt no one was on her side, no one loved her or wanted her other than Ray.  Of course Ray had discovered her web of lies and has washed his hands of her.  She was completely alone and spiraling completely out of control.  To add to her anguish, the 14 year old daughter she abandoned returns and demands accountability for her actions.

Meanwhile the other two Henrickson wives have their own burdens to bear.  Barb is agonizing over the recent revelation of her daughter's miscarriage and the betrayal of the family by Nicki. She is also dealing with accusations levied against her by her own sister and her sister's husband which brings Barb up on trial with the Mormon church.

Margene is still recovering from the shocking death of her mother and beginning to take pills for depression which could lead her down a slippery slope into full blown addicition.   She is also spreading her wings with a new jewelry business which holds the potential of large sums of money and ultimately freedom from feeling like Bill Henrickson's afterthought.

If you ever think you are having a bad day or bad week, think again.  Bill Henrickson not only has problems with one wife, he has problems with four of them.  Not to mention an evil, powermad father-in-law, a mother who tried to strangle his father and a brother with a mentally insane wife.  Of course there is also the daughter who lost her virginity to a non-Mormon and the problems with the Nevada Gaming Commission.

Yep, the Big Love wives are having a total meltdown.  The only thing worse than what is happening to the Big Love wives is the fact that all of us fans will have to wait many long months for the next Season to start.  Not that is true angst.

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