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Best Bangs For Rejuvenation Bucks?

You've saved up and managed to keep your nest-egg for that cosmetic surgery you've wanted for so long, but now with the state of the economy, you're torn. On the one hand, the cash is a real King, but you've sacrificed for a long time to see the new you. So what procedures are the ones that give the biggest rejuvenation bang for the buck? Dr. Daniel Ronel, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Santa Fe NM sheds some light.

"Based on statistics just released, laser skin resurfacing is up 17% from last year. This reflects the fact that this procedure is relatively inexpensive, low-risk, has a quick recovery time and lasts a good amount of time. It's is the perfect procedure for a working individual in a bad economy," explains Dr. Ronel.

"Also, eyelid surgery is at an all time high, mainly because it is relatively inexpensive for the amount of rejuvenation it accomplishes. The procedure has a far less amount of downtime than a full facelift and it can be done in the office. We incorporate holistic practices to aid in healing and decrease bruising and swelling, which makes it our most popular option."

For Geralyn Brown, the decision was easy. She says, "I'm GOING to have a facelift, but its just not the right time for me. I had an eyelid tuck and loved it, so I added laser resurfacing because it was affordable."

While the economy is in terrible shape, rejuvenation procedures haven't gone down in terms of overall numbers, rather, the types of procedures most common historically have shifted, according to the statistics put out by the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

"Now more than we've seen in the past, people are concerned not only with the costs of rejuvenation procedures, but how best they can invest in themselves. They are looking more for the best surgeon with the best rate of return on their procedures," explains Dr. Ronel.

Who Is Dr. Ronel?

DR. DANIEL RONEL is a board-certified plastic surgeon with offices in Santa Fe and Albuquerque NM. Educated and trained at Princeton, Penn, Columbia, Cornell, and Harvard, he is the only surgeon in the US who is board certified in both plastic surgery and pediatrics. Dr. Ronel was named one of America's Top Plastic Surgeons by the Consumer's Research Council of America.

Because of his combined expertise in pediatrics and plastic surgery, Dr. Ronel is one of 13 national experts selected by Allergan to sit on the Breast Implant Research Team, an advisory panel on silicone breast implants.

Additionally, Dr. Ronel is a member of the Radiesse Medical Education Facility, a group composed of approximately 120 physicians from across the United States who are experts in the field of injectable fillers. He was voted Albuquerque's Plastic Surgeon of the Year in 2007 by readers of The Herald, and was named one of Albuquerque's 2007 Top Docs by Albuquerque, the Magazine.

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