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Ashton Kutcher Farewell On Twitter

After much soul searching I have decided to say farewell to Ashton Kutcher on Twitter.  Yes, he is one of the highest Followed actors and celebrities on Twitter ( but sadly, he has become one of the people I Follow who doesn't Follow me back and in the Twitter Universe than can become a Following Liability.

(Image L-R of Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore and Rumer Willis at Los Angeles Premiere of 'The House Bunny' - 2008 - - All Rights Reserved).

Don't get me wrong, I am a huge fan of Ashton's.  No, I have never met him and don't know him, although I have managed to scarf up tidbits of insider info from my "connections" in LA from the hair and beauty worlds.  The report?  He's a really good guy and not one of "those" type of celebrities.

In fact, when I first met Jessica Simpson in Dallas almost six years ago, I met her dad, Joe, as well.   Jessica's dad is a really nice guy and he gave me a little history about Jessica and Ashton working together.  At the time (we met in Dallas) he told me Jess would be guest starring on an upcoming 'That 70s Show' because of her connection and friendship with Ashton.  He told me then Ashton was a good guy and good friend of Jessica's.

Ashton Punk'd Nick Lachey On The Newlyweds

If you remember, besides Jessica's guest starring turn on That 70s Show, Ashton arranged to perform a Punk'd on Jessica's then-husband Nick Lachey on The Newlyweds.

Ashton, as part of the Punk'd episode, arranged for faux "long lost" and less than desirable relatives to show up and attempt to live out of a bus in front of Nick and Jessica's beautiful new house.  The episode was hilarious and it appeared Ashton really did "get" Nick who sincerely appeared clueless he was being Punk'd.

Ashton Kutcher as Michael Kelso on That 70s Show

I watched Ashton faithfully for years when he was on That 70s Show (Michael Kelso).  I watched him during his Punk'd show, his various movie appearances including Just Married, The Butterfly Effect, The Guardian and What Happens in Las Vegas.  I faithfully Tivo'd his shows, Beauty And The Geek and his recent True Beauty, which I really enjoyed.

I even watched him on the panel recently with Bill Maher (HBO's) Realtime With Bill Maher.  Ashton had some very interesting and worthwhile things to say.  I was impressed.  He has a good head on his shoulders and believes in hard work and committment.  Truly admirable traits.

During the airing of True Beauty in one episode Ashton's mom appeared and she seemed so sweet.  Yes I sent Ashton an @ about True Beauty but alas, no @ came flying back from the Twitteruniverse from Ashton.

Unfollowing The Rest Of The Kutcher Family

With all of that said, even though I really like Ashton, his drop dead gorgeous wife Demi ( and his adorable step-daughter Rumer Willis (, I will be Unfollowing Ashton in a matter of minutes on Twitter.  Yes, I will also be unfollowing Demi and Rumer as well.  Might as well make this a family Unfollow while I'm at it.

Will they care?  Of course not.  Ashton currently (as of today's date) has over 429,000 followers and Demi has over 224,000 with Rumer trailing with approximately 21,894.  None of them will even notice I have Unfollowed.  Of course if lots of other Twitter followers become frustrated at the lack of reciprocal follow and leave, it could eventually steamroll but I doubt there is any danger there.  Right?

What Might Ashton Say About Twitter Unfollows?

But what might Ashton say about people Unfollowing him?  He is pretty blunt, although always funny, in my humble opinion.  He would probably say,  "If U don't want your pic taken coming out of a sex shop. Don't go to a sex shop."

With regard to Twitter Unfollows he might say, if you don't want to be Not Followed by a star who doesn't know you, don't Follow them in the first place.  Or something equally funny and appropriate.   Which is totally fair.  Right?

So why am I Unfollowing?  With Twitter the goal is to have a social network that's interactive.  While Ashton does post some interesting tidbits on his Twitter page, he also doesn't follow very many people even though literally hundreds of thousands follow him. At the current time he only follows 56 out of over 429,000.

Many of my friends on Twitter have expressed the same conclusion about following celebs of late as well as those folks who don't Follow you back. While initially it's cool to have Ashton or some other celeb's icon showing up in your Twitter Follower list, the majority of the stars on Twitter (except for a few) never, ever respond to you @s or other attempts to engage.  Since Twitter is for ideally designed to be interactive, following someone who doesn't follow you back becomes a waste of your time.  Unless you only care about having celeb icons on your Twitter pages.

Ashton Is The Man Behind His Tweets

Even if you follow Ashton or Demi or other big celebs and you see their tweets go bye, if you respond with an @ and they ignore you, what's the point of responding?  What's the point of even reading their tweets?  Although I believe that Ashton is really the man behind his tweets (which is not the case of some famous Twitter celebs) I just have to redirect my attention to people that actually Follow me and want to converse.  I actually make an attempt to respond to everyone who @s me on Twitter.

I also Follow everyone who Follows me first.  And sadly I must confess I followed Ashton first and no, he didn't Follow me back.

The Twitter world is still a new experience for many and while their is an unspoken rule that those who Follow you, you should Follow back, there is no etiquette about how to Unfollow someone.  You just click Unfollow and they are poof, gone from your Twitteruniverse.

I tweeted once about whether you should send a Goodbye Tweet to those you Unfollow and the consensus was no.  You don't really have to break up with errr, unfollow anyone officially on Twitter.  Of course if you want to find out who Unfollowed you without telling you, there is a Twitter App called Qwitter that emails you anyone that snuck away from your Follow list in the middle of the night, or the middle of the day, for that matter.

Britney's Next

Now that I have decided to Unfollow Ashton, Demi and Rumer, who's next?  Ahh yes, Britney is next to be Unfollowed.  Of course I love Britney but there's not a snowball's chance in hell she will every respond to one of my @s and I truly want to experience Twitter as it was designed to be utilized, with give and take communication.

In the meantime, please follow me (HairBoutique) on Twitter because I will follow you and I will respond to your @s.  I believe in being a good Twitter Follower.  I also participate in #FollowFriday to help hook-up my friends who would have lots to Tweet about together.

If you haven't checked out Twitter because consider it.  It is an amazing tool for social intercourse as well as doing business and networking.

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Please follow us on Twitter at: I look forward to meeting new people from all walks of Twitter and learning from their Tweets.

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