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Importance Of Hair In Personal Branding

Maybe you've heard of the new movement called Personal Branding or Brand You?

What Is Personal Branding?

Tom Peters is the founder of Personal Branding, which he wrote about in an article 'Brand You' which today's experts are touting as an important component of every working person's career strategy, at all levels.

The Personal Branding Movement has become a lot more important with Web2.0 and the rise of Social Networks.

Myspace was one of the early networks that encouraged the creation of Personal Pages with customized photos and information about your life.  Facebook took this one step further as did many of the photo sights like Flickr and related.  With the evolution of each new network there became the task of creating your own face and thus your own Brand or Brand You.

As the economy has shifted and competition for jobs have become more fierce recruiters and future employers are starting to turn a keen eye on Brand You as a way to determine what prospective employees to consider for a wide range of career opportunities.

When creating Brand You it is important to create a well-rounded brand. However, appearance plays a part as it does in the off-Web, off-Social Networking worlds.  Hair is one of the elements which creates an immediate impression.  The same can be true when creating your own brand.  The brand you are trying to project should be a well-thought out composition of all your own elements, including your hair and your appearance.

One person who was very successful at both creating his own Personal Brand and using hair as a key component was former Bachelorette winner Jesse Csincsak.   When he first appeared on ABC's Reality Show he was showcasing a brand as a rebel and appeared in clothing that was completely different than all the other Bachelors.  He also played up his hair which he wore long, tousled and was the source of specific conversation throughout the show.  Using Personal Branding Jesse was able to win the Bachelorette competition and even though he ultimately lost the girl, it helped elevate his notoriety to the next level.

Hair can make or break you, both in person while doing face time or on the web through MySpace, Facebook or even Twitter when you utilize your own image as your Twitter icon.

How Does Your Hair Enhance Or Detract From Your Personal Brand?

Have you considered how your own hair either enhances or detracts from the ultimate personal brand you are building?  If you're not sure ask your closest friends and family to give you their accessment.  Are you using your hair to stand out and get attention or do you want it to blend into the big picture?

Good questions to consider when you get serious about developing your own personal brand.  In summary, our personal brand is how we are seen by those who we meet.  It is how we package ourselves online and offline.  It is how we are ultimately viewed and remembered by the world.  Everything about us plays a part in the overall brand including our hair.  Always keep that in mind.

For more information about Brand You check out the following links:

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