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Shawn Johnson Had To Learn To Wear High Heels

Dancing With The Stars' Shawn Johnson who is the youngest competitor at 17 years old to ever compete on the show appeared on Ellen on March 12, 2009 with her DWTS partner Mark Ballas.  The Olympic Gold Medalist and her DWTS partner promised to dance for Ellen and her show audience.

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Shawn came out on stage wearing a black leotard style dress with a zipper up the front.  She covered her black zipper by a pure white jacked that ended mid-thigh.  Her long blonde hair was silky straight and very shiny with a deep sideswept part.  She had on hot pink dangling earrings.  Shawn took the jacket off to dance.

Ellen started by saying "how exciting" Shawn agreed "very, very exciting." Ellen looked down and said to the young dancer "now are the heels something you're used to wearing?"   The gymnist laughed, shook her head and said "no, I'm used to being barefoot".  As an award winning competitor Shawn did her gymnistic competitions without shoes.

A photo was flashed showing Shawn doing her gymnastic pose in bare feet and on DWTS in full heels. She said she started with "2 inch heels" and "he, pointing to Mark, her dancing partner, brought me up to 3 inches".  She looked at Mark and said "thank you."

Shawn then told Ellen "I was really wobbly at first.  During the Opening of Dancing With The Stars yesterday I tripped down the stairs, if you've got Tivo you can definitely see I kinda fall down."

Ellen said "that's not a good way to start off. That gives you very little confidence if you start slipping before you start dancing."    Shawn said "he (Mark) caught me, thank goodness." Ellen said "you know you have heels on now, but in life have you worn high heels before, you have?"  Shawn said "to a few events, but nooooo."  Ellen said "to dance in it?"  Shawn said "my coach never liked it he was afraid I would roll and ankle or something." Ellen said  "exactly,

Ellen looked at Mark and asked "and how is Shawn as a partner?"  Mark said "she's great and we're working really hard.  What I think is great is that we have a lot of fun in the studio and we laugh a lot,  But at the same time we knuckle down and we work hard.  You know as a teacher it's her favorite show to watch, Dancing With The Stars, so she so excited to be a part of it.  As a teacher that's all you can ask for.  I think she's doing great and I'm really proud of her so far."

Ellen said "it's very exciting, but you have to take care of yourself cause are you going to do the 2012 Olympics?  Shawn said "well I'm not sure yet, kinda took a break from gymnastics for this..."  The hostess said "well if your coach doesn't like you wearing heels I'm sure he doesn't like you dancing in heels.  That's got to be even more scary for him."

Shawn said "he's a big supporter of it, it's an opportunity of a lifetime and once this is done and slowed down I'll get back in the gym. But I'm taking it one day at a time so far"

Ellen "I think its great that you're doing something different, I think it's really exciting.  Alright, are you going to dance for us? Alright."

Shawn and Mark danced and looked great together.  The team finished with Mark dipping and sliding Shawn.

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