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Bachelor Producer Mike Fleiss Not Worried About Show Future

The recent Bachelor controversy with Jason Mesnick dumping Melissa Rycroft on National TV on After The Final Rose has generated more buzz than just about any other Bachelor show since Brad Womack refused to select either woman at The Final Rose.

Many long time Bachelor fans are swearing they will never watch the show again.

Does the threats by angry fans worry the show's creators and producers?  Not at all.  Mike Fleiss who is the creative genius behind The Bachelor has been quoted in interviews on the web about the Bachelor controversy and why he is not concerned about the future of the show.  Mike was very matter of fact when he talked to Entertainment Weekly about the recent Jason-Melissa-Molly triangle and the After The Final Rose show.

Entertainment Weekly asked him - are you worried now that some fans are going to walk away from the show because their disappointed or angry by Jason's decision?

Mike Fleiss said "if that were true, we wouldn't have held our numbers in that second half hour during Monday night's ATFR. If there was going to be this mass exodus from the show, it would have [already] happened. If we make a great show, people will watch a great show and that's the bottom line."

Indeed, he has a point.  More people watched After The Final Rose where Jason dumped Melissa than did those who watched him propose in The Final Rose.  Also, this season with all the rumors leaking about Deanna Pappas coming back, Reality Steve's Bachelor Conspiracy Theory (which was actually 100% true) and The Pinkie Ring Proposal Theory generated major buzz about the show.

The Bachelor for this 13th season had almost as many viewers as it did at its hayday back in 2002.  Mike Fleiss is right.  If people were going to stop watching the show, they would definitely have done so by now.

If anything, the current Mesnick season of The Bachelor will put more pressure on Team Fleiss to make even better TV with the next Bachelorette season because viewers will be expecting more drama and plot twists.  Afterall, that's what make Reality TV what it is and what drives the viewers to their TV sets.

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