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Who Is Bachelors Ex Melissa Rycroft

Melissa Rycroft who was first picked by Jason Mesnick on The Bachelor and then was ultimately dumped for Molly is a gorgeous 25 year old 5'4" brunette who was born in the Dallas, Texas area under the sign of Pisces.  She still currently lives in Dallas and works for a wine distribution company although in the past she has worked as a land and marketing co-ordinator.

When asked by the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader (DCC) organization what her career goals were she said "she was not quite sure yet, but she was not a 9-5 desk-job kind of girl!"  She did list her Lifetime Goal as "just to be happy, keep smiling and have no regrets about any of the decisions I've made."

As far as pets go she listed a chihuahua named Riley.  As far as hobbies, she listed shopping, dancing and working out.  Her favorite TV shows included Nip/Tuck and Punky Brewster.  Her favorite actor and actress was Johnny Depp and Halle Berry.

Melissa favorite song? "Don't want to miss a thing" by Aerosmith.  Other Melissa favs?  The color blue, sushi, cheese pizza and any type of music she can dance to.  She loves sports, Burberry and Miss Dior Cherie fragrance and New York City.

When asked her most memorable moment as a DCC she listed the beginning of the game when the team runs through the giant football helmet during the player introductions.  She loved the energy during pre-game and loved dancing and the sea of Cowboys walking down the tunnel.

When asked if she could be anyone in the whole world she would be herself because she said "I'm pretty proud of who I've become.  Her biggest mistake?  Being too hard on herself.

She does believe her best asset is her smile which she "trys to always keep" on.

Her ideal vacation? Anywhere tropical such as a beach, a cruise.  She said she is "definitely a beach girl."  If Melissa could change anything about herself it would be to "not sweat the small stuff".  She confessed she was in the process of reading self-help books.

Here's hoping that Melissa is not sweating the bad stuff that has happened to her on The Bachelor with Jason and Molly.  Indeed, she has a gorgeous smile and comes across as a very sweet and loving person.  Here's hoping Melissa, wherever you are, has great things come her way.

Afterall, she came out of The Final Rose Ceremony smelling like a true rose.

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