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Deanna Pappas Paid 10K For Bachelor Return

There are so many facets of last night's The Bachelor reality show on ABC that I have enough material to blog for days.  Of course I will try and control myself but as the latest shockers roll in, I am definitely going to share.

Initially ABC used the former Bachelorette Deanna Pappas who originally dumped Jason Mesnick, making him the current Bachelor, as a tease.  They leaked hints that Jason would dump both Melissa and Molly and go running back to Deanna.  Many fans, including Ellen Degeneres believed from snippets of previews on The Bachelor show that Deanna would come back and confess her "mistake" picking Jesse over Jason and beg for a second chance.

Deanna was definitely in The Final Rose ceremony but, and this is a big but, she had a very minor role.  I should have timed it but she was on screen in a flash.  There was very little of Deanna that was included in the show.

She showed up, she told Jason she made a mistake in not selecting him and Jason told her he was in love with two women.  End of story.  Deanna exit stage left.

Meanwhile, the other big leak was that ABC paid Deanna an "appearance fee" of approximately $10,000 to show up in the Bachelor finale before Jason picked either bachelorette.  I guess that "appearance fee" also covered using her in the little teasers all season long.  I wonder if it also included all expenses such as flying from Atlanta to New Zealand and putting her up at the resort for what was probably a week.

Afterall, those episodes are not shot "real time" as the viewers might think.  One episode can take many hours if not days to shoot.  As former Deanna Pappas Bachelor Jeremy Anderson said in an interview with Reality Steve, shooting his limo exit took many hours because he was physically ill after being dumped and to get the correct lighting and shots.  Jeremy also told Reality Steve that after you get dumped you still may have to stick around the set or the filming location in case they need to reshot any scenes that didn't turn out.

Meanwhile Bachelor fans are up in arms over how Jason treated Melissa and how they used Deanna to try and trick the audience.  Sources inside ABC and The Bachelor have indicated that ABC also tried to pay Melissa an "appearance fee" for her to appear on the second After The Final Rose2 which supposedly reports on the romance of Jason and Molly.

And what about Deanna's "appearance fee"?  It is officially called an honorarium.  Of course the fact it has been leaked that Deanna was paid to go to New Zealand - please, someone pay me to go to New Zealand and I promise to live blog, live Twitter or even sweep the floors - has called into question how sincere she was in wanting Jason back.  It also throws that nasty work "scripting" back into play.

There were so many things about the Deanna Return that added to the fan belief that everyone was being played in the Jason Mesnick Bachelor season.  Which calls into question the Deanna Bachelorette Season.

The reality of this reality show is fast getting lost in the leaks.  Some fans are even wondering if Deanna selected Jesse over Jason so that it would free up Jason to be the next Bachelor.  Afterall, the introduction of Ty to the mix was a "first ever" Bachelor event and everyone knows how much the Bachelor loves to bring in "first evers".

Stay tuned as more about Jason Mesnick, The Bachelor, Deanna Pappas, the last Bachelorette series, Molly and Melissa unravels for more scandal.

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