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Whoopi Doesn't Give A Rat's Behind

Whoopi Goldberg was back at The View table yesterday - Wednesday, February 27th and ready to address all the buzz about her Oscar gown.  Sitting at the table with Joy, Sherri and Elisabeth, Whoopi talked more about her trip to the Oscars and her long bus trip from Los Angeles back to New York.

Back From LA On Her Bus

After welcoming everyone to The View Whoopi said "I'm back from LA."  When asked about her bus trip and it she gets bus jag, lag. She said "not at all.  I sleep. I sleep.  That's why I look so good.  I am refreshed. It's insane. It was a great trip.  I had such a good time.  I went to parties, which is not my thing."

Elisabeth reminded her Whoopi had originally said she was going to leave right after the awards but she didn't, she stayed.

Daniel Craig Is Sizzling Hot

Whoopi said "I left really late and my daughter and I went to gatherings and we saw fabulous men.  I'm telling you I saw Daniel Craig, Daniel Craig who is 007."  I was like "hi... and "I realized both of my legs were up like this," and she showed her legs up in the air.  "It was shocking.  It was a very odd position, I was floating."

On The Stage With The Other Supporting Actress Winners

Whoopi really enjoyed her trip to the Oscars.  She explained "it was wonderful.  The Oscars are always a great place to be.  And you know coming out on that stage with Angelica Huston, Goldie Hawn and Eva Marie Saint, for our guys (Best Supporting Actress Group), and Tilda Swinton.  You know, I looked around and said "oh yeah, I'm supposed to be here, I'm supposed to be here and I was" and "it was great."

At that moment The View showed a photo of Whoopi and the rest of the Best Supporting Actresses on stage at the recent Oscars.

Regular Underwear, No Girdle, No Nothing

Whoopi then addressed the entire Oscar ceremony dress frenzy.  She said "let me now, let me address this whole dress thing."  The comedian responded to all the attacks about her leopard/animal print long gownshe wore to the Oscars which resulted in major attacks.

The comedian said "now I don't know when suddenly people thought I was a fashion person.  But let me explain something to you about this dress. This dress gave me everything I wanted.  Which was comfort and flow."

She continued "I wore regular underwear, and not...OK,  no girdle, no nothing.  That was me. Now you would have thought it odd if I had come out with one of those off the shoulder things or trying to look like I was 22. I have never ever been anything but myself."

Whoopi's Oscar Fashions From The Past

Whoopi then asked the View producers to show a photo of her in a different Oscar gown she had worn in the past.

"Take a look at this picture of me." At that point Whoopi was asking The View producers to show a photo of her at a past Oscar show where she wore lime green pants and a purple overskirt when she was the hostess of the show."

Whoopi said she loved the lime green and purple pants thing too but she got criticism for that as well. She said "they hated that one" too.  She then said very emphatically  "I've always worn things for myself. The way they're talking about this dress (the animal print). You would have thought.  I have my own style."

"I have always been myself.  I will always be myself.  And they way they talked about this (Oscar animal pint) dress.  And you know I didn't hear a lot of it I was on the bus coming. But folks said listen just be prepared.  You would have thought I hit Rhianna. That's how rough it was. I mean it was nasty."

Elisabeth said she loved animal prints and thought Whoopi looked happy.  The rest of the ladies on The View were also supportive and said "they're going say what they're going to say."

Whoopi said "here's the thing baby.  Here's the thing.  I will always be just me. I roll like I roll.  I am me. I don't gotta be. I am.  They have to deal with it."

Thank You Christian Dior

She also thanked the people for helping her with her gown.  She said "and for all those folks you know and for all the people who went to so much trouble to put me in something that would make me comfortable,  I want to thank them.  Like Fran was amazing.  And the folks at Christian Dior were amazing.  This dress is a beautiful dress and whether you like it on me or not. Its not important.

It's a fabulous dress. And if you think you can look go in it go over there and put it on and see. Cause it's fantastic. All those other people......ppppuuutttt (big raspberry)."

Joy pointed out that all the other dresses were very repetitious, everyone looked beautiful but similar and she said to Whoopi "you had something a little bit different so they have to focus on something."

Whoopi said "that's alright.  Look.  you know, I always. and I've said this to you guys This is one of the reasons I don't go out much, I don't go to parties much,  I don't want to discuss."

Never A Fashion Icon - Don't Give A Rat's Behind

She finished her Oscar dress discussion by saying "I have never been a fashion icon. I could give a rat's behind about it.  There are people who it is for.  I am not one of those people.  I was there to welcome the newest Oscar winner into our club.  That was my function. To be there. I was not there to be a fashion icon.  I was not iconic in that way.  I'm telling you baby some of those people were fantastic to look at."

Good for Whoopi.  It really is true when you are in the public eye, and especially when you are a celebrity, no matter what you do, you will get criticized.  Even some of the actresses I thought were perfection were bashed in the media for their gowns or their hair or wearing to much make-up.

Whoopi said it best when she said she was there to welcome a new member into the Oscar club.  Amen to that one.

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