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2009 Academy Awards 14 Burning Questions

As always the Academy Awards are filled with high points and low points with enough fashion, hair and beauty news to keep editors, writers and bloggers busy for literally weeks.

There is also the gossip buzz.  Who showed up, who didn't.  Who should have won the awards but didn't and who was with which love interest.

(The 81st Annual Academy Awards® at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, CA Sunday, February 22, 2009 airing live on the ABC Television Network. Bryan Crowe /©A.M.P.A.S.)

Maybe I need to get a life but here are some of the top questions still rattling around in my brain today after the 2009 Academy Awards.

1.  How did Hugh Jackman do as the new host of the show?

Yes, he looked handsome and I was surprised he could sign and dance.  But did he outscore Ellen Degeneres, Whoopi Goldberg or other hosts and hostesses of past years?  Since the Academy was concerned about pumping up flagging ratings this will be telling.

2.  How many times did Anne Hathaway change her clothes at the Oscar Awards?

Did Anne Hathaway change clothes from her Red Carpet gown to her singing outfit with Hugh?  Did she then change back later in case she won Best Actress (she didn't).  Where was she doing all these clothing changes?  Hopefully she was not relegated to a phone booth somewhere like Superwoman.  Obviously she knew Hugh was going to select her to perform or else why did she change?

3.  Did bringing back multiple Oscar winners to present awards work?

Did the audience and home viewers love, hate or have no opinion about the new format of having past Oscar winners present in the major Best Actor, Actresses and Supporting Actor, Actress categories?  Even better who decided which past Oscar winners to invite?

(The 81st Annual Academy Awards® at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, CA Sunday, February 22, 2009 airing live on the ABC Television Network. Bryan Crowe /©A.M.P.A.S.)

4.  Where was Jennifer Hudson?

Don't get me wrong.  I adore Beyonce but Jennifer won the Academy Award in 2007 for Best Supporting Actress.  Last year she presented the Best Supporting Actor award.  Yes she's on tour but why not have her sing? Even more importantly, how many times did Beyonce change her clothes?

5.  Who is aging more fabulously?

Goldie Hawn looked stunning but so did Sophia Loren.  Jerry Lewis has had multiple health problems but he looked fab as well.  While I liked Shirley MacClaine's black suit, I think she looks better when she wears elegant evening gowns.

6.  Did Sean Penn forget to thank his wife Robin and his kids?

Kudos to Sean for telling the audience he can make it difficult for them to appreciate him.  OK.  Got it.  However, he pulled out a tiny piece of paper and proceeded to read a list of people he wanted to thank including his best friend who was someone I doubt many had heard of.  He even gave a nod to Mickey Rourke, who he beat for the Best Actor ward.  Did Sean thank Robin who was sitting right next to him looking gorgeous?  Or maybe they had a deal that he wasn't going to thank her.  Is it a big deal?

7.  Who looked better, Angie or Jen?

I found it a little ironic that Angelina was wearing black and Jennifer was wearing a silvery white.  Was that some sort of hidden black = evil husband stealing Vixen versus silver/white = good girl who has husband stolen by evil Vixen.  While they both looked drop dead gorgeous I think it would be hard to pick who looked better and it would be a matter of opinion.

Jen may have lost marks for too much blush and the hairline braid but Angie might have gone with a little brighter lipstick to offset her black gown and dark hair.

8.  Who had the best hair overall and who looked like a big hot mess?

I have to say it's hard to point out hair messes since so many of the actresses looked spectacular with their twists, chignons and long flowing waves.  I will have to say, what was up with Jessica Biel?  She has that smokin' body and stunning hair but she was covered up in a loose flowing gown and her hair looked like it needed a good shampoo.

9.  Who wrote the speeches presented by the former Oscar winners to the nominees?

I am wondering if each presenter wrote what they wanted to say or if the Oscar show writers put it together?  I was so touched by what Sophia Loren said to Meryl Streep, Shirley McClaine said to Anne Hathaway and Marion said to Kate.  I was not as impressed with Nicole Kiddman's speech for Angelina or Halle's for Melissa Leo.

10.  What was the biggest upset of the evening?

Heath Ledger's posthumous award for Best Supporting Actor for The Dark Knight was definitely a surprise since there is a history of Oscars not being awarded to deceased actors.  It was also a bit of a surprise that Sean Penn won for Best Actor for Milk considering he has generated a lot of dislike over the years.  However, many did feel he gave the performance of his life.

No one was surprised Slumdog Millionaire won for Best Director but maybe it was a little surprising that they won so many awards.  For the most part, the awards were fairly predictable.

11.  Who rocked the best fashion and who looked the worst?

This is definitely a loaded question and could break out into a major fashion police war.  It is definitely a subjective question.

In my humble opinion I thought all of the nominees for Best Supporting Actress and Best Actress looked stunning although Kate Winslet definitely was spectacular.  Angelina looked gorgeous but so did Amy Adams and Penelope Cruz.  Seriously, can you think of any of the female nominees who didn't look great?

12.  Who decides who sits where and with whom?

Some of the seating makes sense but in other cases not so much. Why was Jennifer Aniston sitting behind Sean Penn?  Why was Kate Winslet's dad sitting in the very back?  Do the stars have a say in where they sit?

13.  Why does Ryan Seacrest continue to do Red Carpet interviews?

No offense to Ryan although many of the stars seem to hate him enough to publicly snub him.  Why does he continue to try and chat up Brad, Angie and other stars obviously intent on ducking him?  Does this actually help E!'s ratings because of the controversy?

14.  Where was Ellen Degeneres?

Babs had her pre-interview Oscar show and Oprah has her post-Oscar show.  Ellen...where are you?  Yeah, I know, I am an obsessive fan bordering on stalkerish but the funnylady has it all together.  Don't get me wrong, I would walk over glass to chat with Babs and going on a fast to see Oprah but Ellen, she's the one.  Go Ellen.

Do you agree with me on the top questions regarding the 2009 Academy Awards or have I forgotten any?

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