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Banish Blonde Hair Brassiness

Heidi Klum With Long Blonde Wavy Hair

Banish Blonde Hair Brassiness

Statistics show that one in three women choose to be blonde although only one in twenty women are naturally blonde.

While blonde hair can be stunning when created with care, if not maintained properly it can easily become brassy.

Some common solutions for banishing brassy blonde hues are listed below:

Banish Brassy Blonde Hair

Neutralize brassy tones with the following options:

1.  Utilize pigmented shampoo, conditioners and styling products to neutralize tones caused by color fading.

Utilizing a purple or violet based toner, shampoo or conditioner helps to equalize any yellow or orange based brassy tones.  This is because the opposite of yellow in the traditional hair color wheel is violet.  The opposite of orange is blue.

2. Opt for blonde enrichment hair products.

Utilize products designed specifically for color enhancement, enrichment, health and moisturizing.  These products are designed to add gloss and sheen.

3. Reduce brassy blonde tones by rinsing with diluted apple cider vinegar.

Long Blonde Wave Infused Hair

This solution may not work for all hues of blonde but it is certainly worth a try to remove some of the yellow or orange tones.  Some blondes have experienced better results with white vinegar rather than apple cider.

Experiment if you wish to try the option.

4.  Add creamy highlights to a brassy tint to give color a lift.

Adding cream colored highlights to offset orange or yellow tones which give blonde hair a brassy hue should be done by a professional hair colorist to make sure the solution helps rather than adds more harm to the current brassiness.

(Image from Tom Carson - All Rights Reserved - Hair By Academy Hair)

5.  Protect blonde hair in the sun to guard against color fade and scorching.

Not only does the sun cause color fading and encourage brassiness but cleansing with hot water may cause the same effect.

Remember to always shampoo in lukewarm water.  The constant use of hot blow dryers, curling irons and other hot hair tools will also encourage delicate colors to fade.  It's always best to use either a heat protection product or create a special cocktail of leave-in styling products which protect your delicate strands from heat damage.

6.  Always wear a swimming cap when swimming in chlorinated water.

With the popularity of hair extensions ranging from clip-in to semi-perm hair extensions, blonde hair is a lot easier to achieve without chemicals.

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