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Katherine Heigl & TR Knight Dump Their Scrubs

The TV world and the media has been buzzing non-stop about whether Katherine Heigl (Izzie Stevens) and TR Knight will be leaving Grey's Anatomy in the very near future.

The rumor mill started when Katherine (known as Katie to her friends) took herself out of the running for the Emmy awards claiming she did not feel comfortable being considered due to the lack of writing or plotlines for her character.

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Following suit the word leaked that T.R. Knight, Katie's close friend, who plays the character of George, was refusing to show up at the set and would also be leaving.

According to James Pickens who plays the hospital's Chief, the two actors are definitely leaving and he wishes them "all the best".

Supposedly Pickens recently told Us Weekly that "yes, she is" leaving.  He also said "wherever Katherine goes, I wish her nothing but the best.".  As for Knight, Pickens said, "He's going too."

Recently on Ellen the hostess was interviewing Dr. McSteamy, Eric Dane, and asked him the same question.  He became uncomfortable and said any information on that topic would have to come from Shonda Rimes who created the show.  Good answer Eric.  I am sure Shonda appreciated your support.

As i've mentioned before, I always see things which occur in different venues as how they related in business.  As a long time manager of people and a CEO trying to run a company, I look at everything in how it impacts business.  Don't get me wrong.  I love Katherine Heigl's works and I have interviewed two of her celebrity hairdressers.  They both had great things to say about her personally and professionally.

I know very little about T.R. Knight and while I used to love his character after his character had the crazy affair with Katherine's character, I was completely blase about George.  I could care less if I ever saw him at Grey's again.  Since that point he has fallen almost completely off the radar.

Looking at the two characters and the two actors it would seem if Katherine left Grey's it will not harm her long term career.  You can look at George Clooney as an example.  Jennifer Aniston has also done fine since Friends left.  However, it doesn't always turn out so well for those that leave a Prime Time Hit.  Just think about David Caruso who left a big TV show, fell off the radar and luckily landed back on CSI Miami.  There is also Teri Hatcher who feel way off the radar from Superman and was very happy to be back on Desperate Housewives.

I've actually had challenging employees throughout my management career who have been paid well, treated well and had a challenging job.  Of course they didn't see it that way and proceeded to become pains in the you-know-what to the point that they were either let go or encouraged to leave on their own.  Over the years those same employees who had a great career opportunity but caused problems and left, often want to come back.

Once they get out of a great job and see that the grass is not really greener on the other side of the career fence, they want back into the lush green pasture they left for bigger and better jobs which never happened.

I don't know Katherine or TR, nor do I know Shonda Grimes and the powers that be at Grey's.  However, I would warn all to be sure they know what they're doing before they do it and remember, the grass is almost never greener on the other side.

Of course I will continued to watch Greys and enjoy the work of Shonda Grimes and the rest of the talented crew while wishing all well.

What do you think?  Are Katherine and TR committing career suicide?  Are should they leave to make a point about their characters on the show?

However, a well-placed ABC source tells us, "There's no way [Pickens] could know that, because nothing has been decided yet. Nothing has been written and [Heigl and Knight] are still working out what will happen next season with the network."

According to inside sources who work on Grey's, it is likely that Heigl and Knight will make an exit at the end of the current season. Both have asked to leave the show. However, ABC needs to sign off on letting them out of their contracts, which has not been done.

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