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Amy Brenneman Rocks Natural Curls

Ellen recently had Amy Brenneman (June 24, 1964) who co-stars on ABC's Hit Show, Private Practice as Dr. Violet Turner, on her show as her guest.  If you are a fan of Amy's you may know her from her previous hit show Judging Amy where she played Amy Gray for 138 episodes (1999 - 2005).

Or you may know her from her break-out (at least in my opinion) role as Officer Janice Licalsi on NYPD Blue for 18 episodes.  Amy Brenneman is a lovely actress and is a very big fan favorite.

Naturally Curly Hair

Other things to know about Amy Frederica Brenneman?  She has naturally curly hair which she wears in a variety of curl and straight hairstyles.  On Ellen her shiny auburn hair was pulled sleekly back into a high back-of-the-crown ponytail with loose curls spiraled through the tail.  She looked gorgeous in a fitted gray jersey style dress.

Amy has been on the Ellen show at least four times in the past and she and Ellen appeared to know each other pretty well.

Private Practice

Amy appeared Ellen to promote Private Practice which recently switched time slots and nestled up right behind the very popular Grey's Anatomy produced by Shonda Grimes.

Amy said "the show is doing great. It's nice to be around a lot of other people.  I don't know what you mean exactly. But's it nice to be around people."

Ellen told Amy (about Private Practice) "you moved into a new time slot."  Ellen might also have been referring loosely to the crossover episodes of Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice designed to cross-pollinate both shows.

In referencing the new time shot for Private Practice Amy said "we live in Shondaland.  The Land of Shonda."  According to Amy, the Land Of Shonda is a very good place to be for ratings.

Then she referred to her character of Violet who's current pregnant on the show "it's very strange to see myself so crazy.  My character's so crazy.  Isn't she crazy?  Clearly she's is driving herself a little crazy.  She's a little concerned."

Eating Crackers And Trying To Whistle

Ellen offered Amy some crackers to eat.  This was related to the game Ellen's audience members had just played eating crackers off a glass while blindfolded and then trying to whistle.

The funny lady kept offering Amy crackers to eat, which the actress took.  Amy said "they spent a lot of time on my make-up."   She didn't want to mess up her face by eating the crackers.  She told Ellen at one point "I'm going to choke."  After Ellen had Amy eat the crackers she told her "to whistle."

Amy looked into Ellen's audience and said "does anyone have any requests?"  Ellen said to Amy how about (whistling) the "Way You Make Me Feel?"  Amy couldn't whistle.  She told Ellen and the audience "it's really hard."  She was laughing and trying to whistle.

After Amy ate the crackers and couldn't whistle she took a drink of liquid (water?) from the cup in front of her and whistled.  The actress told Ellen "I didn't (even) have the cheesy stuff" which she indicated would have made whistling even harder.

Ellen explained why she wanted Amy to try the crackers/whistle trick.  She said "I just want to show people's its just not easy at all."  Ellen told Amy the song she whistled "will be stuck in your head now".

Amy's Babies

Ellen asked Amy "how are the babies?" referring to Amy's two children.  Amy said "they're big.  They're seven and three."  Ellen pointed out Amy "didn't take the name" she gave Amy for her son.  Apparently Ellen wanted to name Amy's son Vince or something similar.

Ellen showed a photo of the Amy's two children and Amy said "damn they're cute."  Amy explained to the audience that Ellen tried to name Amy's kitten "Abe and my son was Vince"  Amy told Ellen "which I also didn't go for it."  Supposedly there was some sort of competition or a poll which Ellen spearheaded to pick a name.

Amy told Ellen her son was named "Bodhi" Russell and "her daughter is Charlotte" Tucker."  Amy is maried to Brad Silberling and told Ellen she had been "married for 13 1/2 years".  Amy said "I think that first year (of marriage) is like a dog year" in length and is about 7 years.  During that first year you are like "Wow.  I'm going to be married forever?" Then after the first year it all goes by very fast.

Amy's Husband - Cute Couple

Ellen told Amy "you are a cute couple."  Then she teased Amy about her husband and said "even though he didn't hire me for the movie he was going to make."  Amy's husband is a highly respected producer and director

Ellen asked Amy if she and her husban were going to do something romantic for Valentine's Day.  Amy said "we're going to fly with the kids to go skiing."  Ellen asked if the couple still did romantic things together.  Amy said while her husband is a very romantic person that both of them "are a little rebellious" about being romantic (like on Valentine's Day" just because someone says that they have to be.

Amy also talked about the way that kids in school do the Valentine thing where they take Valentines for all the kids in their class.  She said "my child - Charlotte Tucker is in 1st grade" and she was a little uncomfortable about all the kids giving cards to all the other kids.  She said she is a mother so she naturally "goes to the bad place".  She asked Ellen so these kids "love everybody" in the class?

Ellen told Amy she had lovely kids.  She told the audience to be sure and watch Private Practice.

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