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Ken Paves' Opens Salon In Eleven Spa In Las Vegas

Ken Paves is the Hollywood Hair Man is famous for using his amazing hairstyling talents on Jessica Simpson's tresses.  Although it's quite true Ken and Jessica have worked very closely together for many years, Ken was already an established celebrity hairdresser when he first got the emergency phone call to hop on a red eye LA to New York flight.

(Image of Ken Paves - Courtesy of Ken Paves - All Rights Reserved)

Ken has been quoted in an article by Xazmin Garza in the Las Vegas Review-Journal in February 5, 2009 as saving "People think I sit around brushing her hair all day," he says, then mocks the notion in his best Stepford impression. "Ninety eight, Jessica, ninety nine ..."

In addition to being a very busy celebrity hairdresser, Ken has been a judge in two major beauty pageants, Miss USA 2008 and Miss America 2009.

Besides the brand new Ken Paves Eleven Salon in Las Vegas, the busy hairdresser has an eponymous West Hollywood salon as well as the Pave salon outside of Detroit, and a Paves salon in Florida.

As the story goes Ken grew up in Detroit in the blue-collar east side of town but after graduating from cosmetology school he nabbed a job as a hair assistant in the affluent west side of town.  It wasn't easy.  Before he secured his career beginning position he was snubbed and in tears.  In true Ken form he picked himself up and tried again.

Ken has worked with a mind boggling list of celebrity women.  He's worked with everyone from Jennifer Lopez to Lady GaGa.  In between he's worked with Eve, Hilary Swank, Paula Rubio and Eva Longoria.

No matter how many celebrities he works with, none of them every look remotely the same.

Ken's Mixed Heritage

Ken is of Filipino, Portuguese, Armenian and Jewish and is very concerned about the role hairdressers play in making women feel bad about themselves.  Ken told Ms. Garza "we (hair professionals) need to stop telling women what's wrong with them and instead ask them what they like about themselves and how we can enhance it."

The celebrity hairdresser is very close to his family including his nephews and nieces.  He told Garza  "I will never stand for a type of beauty that my niece can't see herself in."

Friends With Oprah

Ken has been friends with Oprah not only because of his great hair talents but for his mind set.  He is also very supportive of clients like Jessica Simpson who is constantly criticized in the media for her weight.   Ken does worry that the intimidation factor of being a Hollywood Hairdresser might prevent non-celebrity women from patronizing his Las Vegas salon.

Each of Ken's salons have a completely different look and feel. It's a fact that guests who can afford his prices, however, don't usually let star power intimidate them.

Plush And Perfect For Pampering

The Las Vegas Eleven Salon is plush and perfect for pampering with a spectacular manicure and makeup bars bordered by spectacular mirrors which emerge with the push of a button. The secret behind the two delux beauty bars offer  justification to indulge in a range of services besides cut and styling.

A complementary service is offered to interested clients.  Butler's wash clients' hands with sugar scrubs and apply moisturizing treatments in an effort to slow down the aging process of the hands.  It's a throwback to '40s spa treatments.

Although Ken doesn't personally do color, his in-house colorists provide a digital color scale system which ensures that you get the precise formula you left the salon with the last time.

Ken Paves Eleven Salon

The Ken Paves Salon is located 6611 S. Las Vegas Blvd. Suite 160 in Town Square, Las Vegas, NV 89119.  For appointments call:  (702) 967-1100.

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