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Hair And Beauty Spa Inside Big Tuna

Whether you love comic Bill Maher, hate him or have no opinion, you may know he has a film out called Religulous.

While I definitely don't agree with everything Bill Maher stands for, I appreciate the fact he makes me think and ultimately I come to own decisions about what I believe or don't.

He is also funny which brings me to the topic of hair and beauty spas inside big tuna fishes.

(Image of Bill Mayer And Friend - At The HBO Emmy After Party.  Los Angeles, CA.  09-18-05 - All Rights Reserved).

I recently saw Bill's film, Religulous and while Bill made a lot of interesting points, the part of the film which most caught my attention was when Bill was questioning a subject about the well-known story about Jonah and The Whale.

At some point in the conversation the person Bill was interviewing corrected Bill and told him it was "not a whale but a big fish".

Bill then talked to the camera, which he does throughout the film and talked about someone living in a big fish for three days.  Bill joked it (living in a big fish) could be a new type of spa treatment in Japan where you check into a giant living Tuna where you relax and have spa treatments for three days and then you check out.

What an interesting concept.  Besides the option to have spa treatments inside a giant tuna in Japan, it would be a great idea for a wide range of hair treatments.  After all, tuna is considered a great protein food for growing healthy and lustrous hair.

Of course Bill Mahr mentions there would be a unique "smell" after you left the inside of a giant tuna but it would definitely be a new type of treatment.  I have to admit I found the reference to be hilarious.  I often find Bill hilarious even if I don't agree with his comments although sometimes he make very profound points.

And hey, fish is supposed to be great for your hair, for your skin and for your overall health.  Why not build a special hair spa inside a living fish?  Well, it definitely not practical but it certainly is very humorous and generates all sorts of funny mental images.

A lot of things are said about Bill Maher and in fact, I was interviewing a well-known celebrity (who shall remain anonymous) on the phone some years ago and she was visibly annoyed.  She apologized and said she had just had a "run in" at a party with "that asshold Bill Maher".  Of course I didn't react in any way because it wasn't appropriate for me to give any opinion but I thought it was definitely an interesting comment.

As I said at the beginning, whether you love Bill Maher or hate him, if you hear of a new hair or spa treatment involving sticking your head in a tuna, remember you heard it reported here from Bill Maher's film Religulous.

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